What is iHerb all about and why are they doing so well?

Iherb is an award winning online retailer of natural products, supplements, vitamin and herbs. The company sells products for all members of a household ranging from kids products, groceries to pet food. The company is based in the United States but operates worldwide. An iherb coupon offers you a discount of up to $10 on all products available at iherb.com. Shipping benefits such as free shipping will be available for larger orders typically over $40.

The company’s stellar growth is a testament to its high quality product lines. iherb has tripled in size in recent years which has enabled them to establish pristine warehouses in major locations around the united states. As for quality service, the company is top notch. They deliver within a day in the United States. International shipping tends to vary but usually surpasses expectations in terms of speed and quality.

Iherb has specials available which are updated with high frequency. A brand of the week section provides a 20% discount on select brands. Some of the major brands include:

  • Attitude Concentrates
  • Stevita
  • Genuine Health

You can apply the iherb coupon at checkout to get your discount on the entire product range. What makes this company stand out is the fact that they provide detailed information and tips regarding all products. This is unique to this market, as most companies such as retail stores just showcase products. You can get expert opinions from reputable sources like The Natural Pharmacy, German Commissions E Monographs and HerbalGram magazine. The company has an award winning mobile site which allows you to shop and browse products in six languages including English, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Spanish.

Iherb has undertaken very serious ecofriendly initiatives. All of their UPS shipments are Carbon Neutral. In addition, they recycle all boxes, plastic bags, bubble wrap & styrofoam received from the manufacturers.

Since January of 2012, the company have been using a new moulded pulp fibre shipper for glass items, which provides great protection–like a box within a box–while adding virtually no weight. This material is made from recycled newspaper sourced at fair market value from charitable groups. Shipping is Free for orders over $20.00 regardless of weight, anywhere in the contiguous United States, where available. For this shipping method, iHerb uses either Fedexor Smartpost, which delivers through U.S. Postal or UPS. Grab your iherb coupon today and enjoy shopping at this great online store.

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