4 Simple Home Remedies To Remove Moles

Skin diseases are of different types which can look ugly from outside but are non- hazardous. They come in the common category and can be cured without giving clinical treatments. Some of the non malignant diseases include freckles, skin tags and moles. Usually, moles occur at visible places where they are seen by people. They occur on your face making you feel uncomfortable and you start losing your confidence and worth. To stop all this problems from happening remove the moles as fast as possible not allowing them to come back.


When you opt for the skin treatment of removing the mole, you will be surrounded by varied options. Treatments ranging from contemporary to homeopathy are available. Home remedies are quick easy and effective, while the others need medical help for a long time. The team at mole removalat London dedicates themselves to remove moles, warts, and other skin ailing disease. This is highly common and affects us more in again process. The treatment from a dermatologist may cost you a fortune. So it will be a better option to stay home and try curing the disease by your own.

There are different kinds of mole which occur at the surface of your skin. They are

  • Congenital Nevi, – Mole appearing at birth time, likely to cause skin cancer.
  • Dysplastic Nevi – Can develop into multiple moles, chances of getting cancer are more.
  • Spitz nevus. – Usually seen in mid twenties but adults are also affected by it. Often mistaken for skin cancer.

Remedies At Home

The Duct Tape Method: A duct tape is a Grey colored water proof tape. Cut out a piece from the tape to cover the mole area and its surrounding region. Use a band aid to cover the duct tape. It will take a week to heal and you might want to take off the band aid for once, so remove the duct tape with a file tool and remove the mole.

Aloe Vera & Banana Peel: A peel of banana with Aloe Vera can come into use for removing the mole. Until it is gone, try to rub or soak the mole with a sodden Aloe Vera compound and a banana peel. It would be best if you have sufficient amount of both the things.

Oils from Tea tree and lemon essential: This is one natural method to get rid of the mole. The tea tree oil is a tea plant and the lemon oil is used to remove these unwanted bumps in a week. You will witness the changing color of the mole while you apply the oils drop by drop, it will come off within no time. But, if this method does not seem effective try opting for other natural ways to cure.

Fruits with Benefit: An apple cider vinegar can cure a mole. If you are a fervent user of it you can use this treatment against the skin mole. Apply every night until you get rid of the problem. You can apply some nail paint so that it does not spread all over. At night again apply the vinegar cider by removing the nail paint. Continue this treatment until you are cured.

If the effect of mole is stronger then perhaps this treatment won’t be so effective. If this process fails the try opting for other unguent or apply salicylic acid. Nevertheless, visit your dermatologist or the clinical team at mole removal in London. It will ease your worry for getting a proper solution.