5 Facts to know before undergoing Face lift

There are many reasons why people might be interested in good appearance. the good appearance not only increases the self confidence but also might fetch good salary. With good face appearance, one might get a good opportunity in a better company also. Appearance plays a major role in getting a good job in a good company.

As people age, the skin sags and wrinkles appear in face, which would give a old appearance. The sagging of the skin in the face and the neck would give a older look. To get a better look it is good to go for a face-lift. Many clinics offer facelift in Montreal.

People look older due to pollution, sunlight, stress and so many other factors. Wrinkles appear because of loss of elasticity in the skin. The elasticity of the skin could be maintained by tightening of the skin by facelift. But everyone cannot undergo facelift surgery. There are certain restrictions on performing the facelift. One should know the facts on the facelift before deciding to undergo the surgery.

1.Am I a right person to undergo facelift

Everyone might wish to have a younger look and could be able to spend anything for that. but only the surgeon or the doctor could decide whether the person could undergo a facelift or not. It depends on the amount of sagging of the skin, de location of fat in the face and the wrinkles.

2.How the facelift is to be performed

The patient should know the method, which is to be followed by the surgeon. He should be well in advance informed about the technique and the result. The result might be agreed before undergoing the surgery with computer imaging. The doctor should be explained clearly on the requirement of the patient and with that; he might generate an computer image which might be the outcome of the facelift. However, it is not sure that the same would be obtained, the surgeon of facelift in Montreal would try his level best to get better results.

3.The time taken for healing

The patient should learn from the surgeon on the number of days the patient should stay in the clinic after the operation. Also, he should enquire on the number of days that would take for the facelift to heal. Normally it would take 2 weeks to heal.

4.Ask for the incision points and probable scars

The patient should be informed about the incision points and the scars that would be left behind after the face-lift. However, most probably there would be no scars left even if it is there it would get faded in maximum of six weeks. Mostly the incisions would be done behind the ear lobes and for men on the beard line, which would not be visible.

5.Know the cost and the side effects

The patient should enquire and ensure the cost of the face lift. Also, he or she should ensure and ask the doctor for the side effects and how it would be managed.

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