5 First Aid Tips to Teach Children

Accidents can happen anywhere and the danger becomes even greater when children are involved because most of them are unaware of what to do in adverse situations. At the same time, children are fast learners, which is the reason why parents should not think that they are too young to teach first aid tips and techniques. In fact, children who have knowledge of what to do in emergencies can be life savers.

Here are 5 first aid tips to teach children:

  1. Calling 999

Small children should be made aware of the emergency number 999 as soon as they get recognition of numbers. Also, teach them how to convey emergency information to the other end, with information such as the child’s name, full address and location to be given along with the explanation of the situation at your end. Educate them not to play pranks with 999 and tell them about its importance. You can do some role plays too so that the child knows what exactly needs to be done in which situation.

  1. First Aid Kit

Introduce children to the first aid kit and all its components, including training them how to use the things and in what situations. Here too, you can demonstrate using role play activities and this practice can actually be life saving. Keep the first aid kit within the reach of children and let them know the exact place where it is kept in the house so that they can access it on their own.

3.How to handle bleeding injuries

Bleeding accidents are one of the most common forms of emergency situations and teaching a child to handle such a situation can actually make the difference between life and death. Let them know how to press the wound and cover it with a clean cloth or gauze pad to stop bleeding until medical aid arrives. Also, teach them to wear gloves before handling the wound and also wash their hands after it is done.

  1. How to handlebroken bones

Another common situation that children may come across at home or in school is broken bones and it is essential for them to know what is required in such a case. When the child has a broken bone, they should not move it at all as there may be local swelling around it. In a situation when there is someone else who has broken bones and needs help, the child can do so by calling emergency services for medical aid. Meanwhile, they can give the injured person something soft, like a pillow to support the broken bone and keep the area still. The child should stay with the injured person until help arrives and also help the casualty to stay calm.

  1. How to handle a fire

In case a child comes across a fire or their clothes catch fire, they should simply stop where they are and lie down on the ground. Rolling back and forth till the fire is extinguished is the best way to do it, while the child should cover their face with their hands all the time to prevent injury to the face. Similarly, if the same situation takes place with someone else, the child can help the casualty by instructing the person to do the same. The Stop, Drop & Roll technique above helps starve the fire of oxygen.

A little knowledge can go a long way in helping save a life as early action makes a big difference in serious injuries. A child is never too young to be educated on how to handle first aid in emergency situations and parents as well as teachers should play their part by teaching them.