5 Reasons to Avoid Anti-Depressants for a Good Health

Every year, there’s an increase of the percentage of people taking anti-depressants. People, these days, look for instant relief, but there’s one thing that they forget – if there’s no disease that comes instantly, how can there be any instant relief from it. Anything that takes some time piling up may take an equal or perhaps more amount of time to get cured too. Medicines providing us with quick relief are just for temporary period.

There are 5 reasons to avoid anti-depressants and maintain good health:

  1. Part of uncontrolled experimentation

Doctors provide their patients with severe mental disorders with two or three types of anti-depressants to be taken at times. This is done to ensure that if one doesn’t work, the others do to find a better solution.However, the patients and the doctors forget that these drugs have a slow-poisonous effect on their patients’ bodies. It is a gambling in which the patient has to lose much even if there’s a little gain out of it. It is just like shooting in the dark where you ‘may’ hit the bird!

  1. Unknown psychological disorders

We are living in a century in which we are being introduced to numerous psychological disorders. Few earlier lifestyle aspects such as over cleanliness, high and low sex desires, depression, sadness, restlessness, being spendthrift and being miser are now termed as psychological disorders. Some of the drugs that were effective some fifteen years ago are of no use these days or are a mere failure to cure some of the symptoms mentioned above. You never know, there may be a ground-breaking depression treatment that does not use medication.

  1. Drug Addiction

We are living in a society which is overly dependent on medicines because we always look for some short-term reliefs and health benefits. None of us actually could get to the root cause of the problem and try resolving it then and there, so it doesn’t add up to the health problems and becomes more evident. We need to have a strong control (with a well-balanced approach) over the way we live our life. Overusing drugs to cure any mental illness will make you fall into drug addiction. There are many ways of depression treatment without drugs.

  1. Side-effects of anti-depressants

Anti-depressants are used to cure many bipolar disorders. The most common side-effects are partial amnesia, short-term memory loss, irregular diet, too much of sleep, fatigue, and mood swings. These drugs actually keep the patients’ state of mind unstable. There are some other harmful effects on health too that are still unknown but experienced by many. Some of them are quite incurable after a certain age. Keeping a regular track of your social habits and lifestyle will give you ways to depression treatment without drugs.

  1. Induces depression

To some, anti-depressants act as doctorsto cure few levels of depression. Once this is done, they make themselves fall into another zone of depression and get used to the same medicines again. Every time they get rid of one symptom, they soon experience another and this regulates their ‘cycle of depression’ without leaving any scope to get out from it.