7 Surprising Health Conditions Chiropractic Massage Can Help Improve

When many people think about the effects and benefits of chiropractic care and chiropractic massage, they generally think about conditions such as back and neck pain. While these are the most common health conditions that are treated with and helped by chiropractic massage, there are actually a myriad of other conditions that can be helped by this alternative medicine practice. Get to know seven of these surprising health conditions that can be helped by chiropractic massage so that you can schedule your appointment for a chiropractic massage right here in Kirkland, Washington if you suffer from any of these conditions.

# One: Chronic Headaches

Chronic headaches can be caused by a myriad of problems including misalignments in the neck and spine as well as stress and tension. Chiropractic massage can help with all of these issues.

# Two: Morning Sickness

Many people do not believe that chiropractic care and massage are safe treatment options during pregnancy. However, not only is chiropractic massage safe during pregnancy, but it can help with chronic issues like morning sickness.  The nausea you feel can occur from imbalances in your body as it changes as well as a combination of stress and hormones. Chiropractic can help with the balance in your body as well as stress, triggering your body to release relaxing and stress-relieving hormones.

# Three: Range of Motion Issues

If you have trouble with your range of motion, either from arthritis, recent injury, or the process of aging, you know how difficult it can be just to get around on a daily basis. Chiropractic care and massage can help restore some of your range of motion by realigning your skeletal system and loosening your joints.

# Four: Depression and Anxiety

Most of the time, people do not think that mental health conditions like depression or anxiety can be resolved with physical treatments. However, because chiropractic massage relieves stress and tension, it can also help with anxiety and worry. It also triggers the release of pleasure-causing hormones and can therefore help improve a person’s depression and anxiety symptoms.

# Five: Quality of Life During Cancer Treatments

When a person is going through chemotherapy or radiation therapy, it can take a major toll on their entire body and their quality of life in general. Chiropractic massage can help remedy that by reducing pain and discomfort as well as the nausea, malaise, and weakness that you can experience as cancer treatment side effects.

# Six: Chronic Sinus Infections

Chronic sinus infections, also known as chronic sinusitis is a condition in which you feel near-constant sinus pain, pressure, stuffiness, headaches, and even a sore throat and coughing. In other words, you feel like you have a horrible head cold all the time. Chiropractic massage can help with that by triggering the immune system to fight the infection and helping your body to drain the sinuses and the like.

# Seven: Digestive Issues

If you suffer from digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or other chronic stomach discomfort, you may not immediately think that chiropractic care or massage are helpful treatment options. However, chiropractic massage can help to relieve pressure from the abdomen that occurs when abdominal muscles try to compensate for misalignments in the spine. Massage can also trigger your body to begin functioning more properly including your digestive system.

With these seven surprising health conditions that can be helped with chiropractic massage in mind, you can get your appointment scheduled as soon as possible.