A Complete Guide to Hair Nourishment

For the modern woman, hair care tends to be overlooked, and with a constant barrage of heat and chemical attacks in the quest to always look stunning, and as any hair care expert would readily confirm, healthy hair needs nutrition and nourishment. Of course, diet is critical, and should include a balance of all the essential vitamins and minerals, yet there are natural ingredients we can use to revitalise tired hair, and here are just a few.

  • Avoid Sulfates – These are lathering agents and are contained in many hair care products, and are used due to their low cost, as they basically can cut through oil, and it is a convenient way for the manufacturer to boost the soapiness of a shampoo. This additive might be described as derived from coconut, in an effort to mask the reality that sulfates are known skin irritators, and some experts even suggest they might be capable of genetic transformation.
  • Essential Oils – These are provided by the body, and with the right hormone balance, hair should be shiny and soft to the touch, yet with all the treatments our hair is exposed to, the essential oils are basically stripped from the hair strands. If you live in Western Australia, some of the best hairdressers in Perth have great nourishing treatments, using both keratin and collagen to boost the health of the hair. Most regular clients would have a monthly nourishment treatment, which helps the hair to deal with the pollutions of modern city life, and with only top quality products used, your hair will always be healthy and full of body.
  • Scalp Massage – Using essential oils, you can deep massage your scalp, but make sure you dilute the essential oil with a carrier like coconut or olive oil, which will stimulate the scalp, and in turn, hair growth. You can always have this treatment next time you visit your local hair salon, and the experts can suggest the best essential oil to suit your hair.
  • Avoid Heat – It is quick and convenient to use an electrical tool to curl or twist your hair, but heat is a major cause of damaged hair, and you are best to go with styles that require no heat at all. Women who use a curler daily will not be able to escape the visible damage, as brittle and split ends appear, and most health conscious women will limit the amount of heat applied to the hair.
  • Wash with Cool Water – It might feel clean to wash your hair with hot water, yet this really does strip away all the hard work you have done with the nourishing, as the essential hair oils are removed by the warm water, and although it might be a little too refreshing, your hair will thank you for the cold rinse.

If you have the time and inclination, changing a few of your regular habits can make all the difference to the health of your hair, and by using the right hair salon, you can be sure of the very best products.