A Coomon Plant of Nature functions as an Uncommon and extraordinary Medicine

Ancient historical records speak of preventive medicines and health care. Though not in the literary meaning of science, the ancient civilization had preventive methods and practices against disorders. They found the remedies and solutions through the wild nature available in plenty in front of them.

Ancient history research scholars say and record, that, Greeks, Chinese, Indians, and West Asians had their medicinal systems and all they implored and explored through nature. Herbs and plants were the sources as well as the final products as medicines. Now, in today’s world, all including those of the medical profession who deal with medicines of English, Indian, Chinese, Homeopathic or any other system get their components to make medicines from wild nature only. Exclusive synthetics or artificial components are not garnered for making medicine. Thus Nature stands supreme in medicine making. They say black pepper is a strong agent for maintaining cardiac system for years together. Green tea, Garcinia cambogia are becoming popular world wide as the best supplement natural products available as powder and extracts respectively to fight obesity and get wseight loss certainly.  In a similar way, schizandra has gained wide popularity throughout the world. Though in some parts of USA, it is said to be grown with patent rights, the plant schizandra with its varieties are native of northeastern part of China. For so many centuries together, the ploant has been cultivated there and by understanding the medicinal value of it, the Chinese had been using it for various ailments. It is learnt that for nearly 20 centuries, Japan and China have been using this plant for pulmonary diseases.

Various medical reports on Schizandra :

Though Chinese have succeded in getting this medicinal plant and its product be known to the entire world, trial on this and research report was needed for the public at large, and there had been many trials and research works had been undertaken. The outcome of almost all the reports indicated that the schizandra with various species of it has medicinal character and ability to cure some of the serious diseases also. In one trial and survey report where cells of leukemia were tested, it was found the extract of schizandra chinensis fought the entry of the disease cells inside. Thereby it was considered to be a medicinal plant to fight cancer. Thereafter there were number of tests and trials which have added that the plant possesses the power to resist cancer cells being spread. A medical study report of some years before confirmed that the test proved that schizandra dministration may reduce oxidation of lipids and treatment with this extract may improve cardiac function. Another study in 2013 revealed the great effectiveness of Schizandra Chinenses Pollen Extract administration can give remedy to liver injuries caused inner by so many factors. At various levels and at various places followed by medical reports, it can be said that the extract of schizandra indicated that the plant stands to serve for Skincare, good cardiac function, getting some weight loss. Also it is widely accepted that the extract can fight pulmonary diseases, heavy coughing, obesity, liver injuries, aging exposures and cancer.

At http://www.organicschizandra.com a lot is able to be studied and be informed on schizandra and its extract which is on the market and for the consumer. It is one of the best gifts of nature in a plant shape, schizandra has to be preserved for the betterment of the society at large without being let off by the laws of business giants to take them on their hands. Interestingly to be known about schizandra, it is a climber plant normally growing on other vegetations. Soil is not a big criterion for its growth. It has five tastes like bitterness, salty, pungent, sweet and sour. It has been found mainly on the northeastern part of China, and its popularity may make so many countries and growers to rush for patent rights and make medicines by its extract of more than 25 species as found as on date.