A Few Tips on How to Care for Dry Skin in Winter

When the air cools in the winter, you probably notice changes in your skin. Seasonal changes in temperature and lower humidity can cause dryness and redness of the skin.

Those who have normal, combination or oily skin will find that their skin is dry. For those who have dried and sensitive skin can lead to itching and flaking of the skin.

Dry winter air and cold winds draw moisture from the skin and also the fact that in the winter we spend more time in heated rooms, resulting in its drying.

Here we give types to keep your skin well hydrated and how to prevent it from drying and itching.

Be gentle. Wear skin-friendly products for dry skin with no alcohol content. Prevent further drying.

If necessary hydrate. Especially if hydrate the skin to itch and burn. Indulge hydration especially at night when you are not going out anywhere. Use a moisturizing facial and body masks. Hydrate dry hands and feet moisturizing Shea butter as is or cocoa butter. Apply a coat and put on cotton socks or gloves. Leave on for even all night.

Shorten bathing. Long shower and soaking in the tub rid the skin of natural oils and dry out the skin. Shorten swim a maximum of 15 minutes. Avoid soaking in very hot water. Rather, use lukewarm water. I know it is a pleasant resting in a bathtub full of hot water, but hot water robs your skin of moisture.

Avoid perfumed and deodorant soaps, which are hard and dry out. Try soap non – alkaline, which cleans your skin while being friendly. Also suitable are fatty moisturizing soaps and natural oils.

Do not overdo the cleaning. Do not wash your face more than twice a day. It is important to cleanse the skin especially at bedtime, when you have to face the most dirt, bacteria and make up. In the morning, wash your face with warm water and immediately apply a thick cream or oil with a natural sun protection factor.

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