A Hearing Aid That Will Keep You Connected to the Rest of the World

There are many people around who are hard of hearing either due to age, disease, genetics, injury, or exposure to loud noise. In fact, many older people have hearing loss specifically due to having worked in loud factory environments when they were younger without all of the appropriate hearing protection. Of course, we now know that even limited exposure to noises over a certain threshold can permanently damage our hearing but the ear is delicate and there are always going to be people who need a little help when it comes to hearing the rest of the world.

Do You Need a Little Hearing Help?

It is certainly not uncommon to experience progressive hearing loss as we age. Indeed, it may be so gradual that we don’t even notice it but in social situations, it can have a negative impact. You may be involved in a conversation and find it difficult to focus on what someone is saying. You may find certain people harder to hear than others due to the pitch of their voices.

The problem is that many people who are hard of hearing also feel some sense of social anxiety or even embarrassment. This can even sometimes manifest as anger if they feel as though they are losing control of their faculties. The good news is that noone has to suffer the indignity of progressive hearing loss without some assistance. The technology around hearing aids has advanced sufficiently in recent years that there are now a wide range of effective products on the market.

A Hearing Aid Made Just for You

Before having a hearing aid fitted, it is always important to visit your local audiologist so that he or she can assess the unit that will be most suitable. One of the most recent additions to the market is the Starkey Halo 2 hearing aid in London. Backed by some of the latest in hearing aid technology, this unit offers everyone a real connection to the world around him or her.

Unlike more traditional hearing aids, the Halo 2 can actually connect via Bluetooth technology to an iPhone. This places a lot more control at the fingertips of the user and also means that it can automatically adapt to one’s surroundings. Just consider some of the features and benefits:

  • Phone calls: Phone calls can be a real problem for people with hearing aids. The electrical interference caused by some units can mean that a phone call is not even possible. For others, it just means that the phone call is not as audible as it could be. Imagine a hearing aid that can communicate directly with a mobile phone such as the iPhone via Bluetooth technology and stream the call right into the hearing aid unit?
  • Personalisation: The future of hearing aids is all about software and personal customis A unit such as the Halo 2 connects directly to a smartphone application that can change settings in the hearing aid unit depending on one’s acoustic surroundings. Need more amplification in a noisy area? The application can do that. Need to accentuate certain frequencies over others because of the acoustic space you are in? The application has presets to cover spaces like this.

Hearing aid technology has advanced a great deal in only the past few years. If you or someone you know is suffering from hearing loss and it is affecting them negatively, there is no need to suffer in silence any longer.