Anadrol: Effects and Dosage

Steroids have also been in use by mostly every strength trainer and body builders. A testosterone or steroids play a potent role in body. They are building blocks in the human body. It helps to build the muscles in your body, ten times faster than on normal diet. Anadrol is one such steroid which is known as “body boosters”. Learn about the clinical effects of Oxymetholone.


Although many countries have put a ban on the usage of these type of medicines, but through online mode they can be purchased. One can purchase a bottle of Anadrol which includes ninety pills from the Indian market.

Up on consuming, it improves the red blood cell count in the body, thus more transportation of oxygen takes place. The muscles are strengthened and stress on he is released when they get rejuvenated with abundant oxygen supply. Even leaner mass can be obtained with the usage of this pill. On the contrary, this pill does not function for getting a lean frame (particularly for women). It does not help toning the body and does not help cutting down the body mass in the body.

In scientific terms, it is known as oxymetholone. It improves the oxygen quantity in the blood and improves the amount of red-blood cells. Thus, the muscles recover faster and fatigue is delayed. This results in improved muscle strength and bulkier body frame. Learn more about clinical effects of Oxymetholone.


The side-effects associated with the usage of Anadrol is that, it decreases the natural production of the testosterone. Although many warnings have been associated with the usage of this drug, people have not stopped using it. The natural production or endogenous testosterone is retained once the use of synthetic drug usage is stopped. Thus, it is highly recommended to not use this drug for more number of weeks. The intake cycle should be limited to four to eight weeks only.


Before starting any dose of Anadrol, one should consider the pros and cons of making the nonmedical use. It is an anabolic and androgenic steroid with variety of brands associated with composition of Anadrol. It is sold as a prescription drug and an anabolic steroid. It is not recommended for the use of athletic and as a performance enhancement drug. For body building and weight loss too, it has been put in use.

In market, it is sold with the brand name of Anadrol 50 which is a tablet with 50 milligram tablet. It has a generic name of oxymetholone. It has been categorised as a Schedule III substance. Thus, it has been used as a potent product for misuse, overuse and abuse. Hence, it has been banned for the usage in sport authorities by Anti-Doping Agency.

For medical use, this pill has been in use for diagnosing congenital, acquired and hyperplastic aplastic anaemia, deficient production of red blood cells, Myelofibrosis. Anadrol functions in the similar pattern like any other anabolic steroids. It has been devised synthetically with slight variations of male hormone testosterones.