Anavar was originally created for medical purposes but it has become a favourite steroid for female athletes and bodybuilders. Anavar is considered an anabolic steroid, yet it helps produce muscle mass without delivering bulky muscles. Additionally, it helps with the loss of fatty tissue around the midsection as well. Hence this steroid is perfect for many people. A drug description can help in knowing more about the steroid. Anavar is used to help a patient put muscle back on after being confined to a hospital bed for long periods of time or suffering from health conditions that lead to the deterioration of body muscle. Cancer patients and those infected with AIDS commonly take this in order to stop and prevent muscle waste. As Anavar is prescribed both to humans and usually to small animals, it comes in tablet form. The drug descriptiona below tells the availability, dosage and cycle requirements.



                        There are different manufacturers of the drug and there are some mild forms that can be purchased rather easily online. The full strength steroid can only be purchased with a prescription. For someone who does not have a prescription there are several high-end manufacturers of the drug located in Mexico. As Anavar is a mild drug, there are not as many strict dosage and cycle requirements placed on the steroid tablets as other anabolic steroids. However, it is still important to avoid abusing the drug or taking it for too long. The dosage should stick around the 20 mgs to 100 mgs a day ; no more,no less. For starters, it is best to start out on a smaller dosage amount and slowly move their way up until they reach the 100 mgs a day. For women, 10 to 20 mgs a day is sufficient.


                        The most common cycle for Anavar is a six week approach where the steroid is taken every day for six weeks and then the individual goes off of it for another three or four weeks. They should start with 20 mgs for the first two weeks on. During the second two weeks on period, they should boost it to 40 mgs a day and continue to increase it by 20 a day until they hit 100 mgs per day. Anavar does have a short half life of around eight to nine hours and so it is necessary to split the daily dosage in two and take the first half in the morning and the second half in the late afternoon or evening.

                        Anavar is a desirable steroid to take for those who are looking to improve their muscle production without bulking up, all while cutting their midsection fat. However,it is important to keep in mind how the drug is taken and also how much is to be taken.It is a mild anabolic steroid, so it doesn’t have the same extreme side effects as other steroids on the market today, but testing it out and finding the right personal dosage amount is best for any user.