Are you getting enough protein for building your muscle?

When you need to make muscle seriously, all what you workout in gym is just half of your battle. Other half you have to gain from food supplements. Whether you want to build muscle or want to lose your weight, nothing is important than adding protein in your diet. It does not matter how much time you spend in weight training, without proper nutrition, you will not get the result that you are looking for.

Muscles are made up from 25% protein along with 75% water and glycogen stored in your body. While some people thinks that consuming enough protein is important for supporting muscle and for lean mass but the amount of protein need to be consumed does know all. You can use myprotein nutrition supplements, it offers better deals.

Protein to build muscle

According to per pound body weight, it is recommended a daily allowance of protein of 0.36g. It means that a male weighting 180Ib needs only 65grams of protein each day in order to meet the requirement. But one important thing is such requirements are only based on inactive individuals and those who are active may need slightly higher amount. It is recommended, an active individual can have 0.4 to 06g of protein per pound bodyweight means 0.8g for a common athlete. So what is important in this to note that how much higher is your overall body activity the requirement of protein will also go up. It is safe to say, of you are building muscle then you are on the higher end of all spectrum.

There are two types of proteins naturally, complete protein and incomplete protein. Complete protein is from animal sources and the incomplete protein comes from plant sources. Animal protein is having higher biological value that means they are more used by the body for muscle growth.

How much is enough

It is a popular belief that in order to obtain muscle you have to consume 1.0g of protein for each pound bodyweight. Some of them may find it little higher and others seems too lower, but it depends. Some research has shown that a average trainee who is building muscle can benefit from 0.6g to 1.1g protein against per pound bodyweight. All it depends on once goal, genetics and rest on your diet but as you aim to hit those target it is sufficient of most of them.

While for overweight people who are trying to reduce body fat must aim to consume the target based on grams per bodyweight. Like if a man weight 225Ib and want to reduce bodyweight to 180Ib using exercise and nutrition, then he must have 180g base of protein every day. Also it is important to reduce the intake of carbohydrate and fat as well.

On the other side if wan to gain weight, then it is not a bad idea to have little extra gram protein along with carbohydrate and fat to increase your calories. You might have heard that taking extra protein is just waste and body will not use it. It is partially true, if you want to increase your size, do not think about it but have some extra calories with myprotein nutrients.

Whether your aim is building muscle or burning fat or training like athlete, you must aim at consuming according to your bodyweight against gram of protein every day to cover up al bases. As this is not the exact science but going little more or under will not affect your health or result. You can have little more of protein without regarding anything but only concentrating on your goal.