Be Patient and Lose Weight at a Moderate Rate to Achieve Success

You are following a weight loss program and want to track your progress. Tracking your progress is more complicated than following a program. You have seen that most of the people are standing on weighing machine every day. They do first thing in the morning after getting up that they weigh themselves. Actually, this may confuse you further and may be responsible for performance anxiety; your motivation level will also drop if you do not see the progress.

In order to keep a record of your progress it is okay if you weigh yourself. But when you stand up on a weighing machine, your bones, muscles and internal organs are also on the machine. So make it sure that you are losing your body fat only. So don’t concentrate on losing weight, track decreasing your belly fat also. Measure the circumference of your waist and record it at the interval of 15 days.

Be Patient While Following a Fitness Program

It is said that patience and consistency pay a lot. When you are following a fitness program, which includes exercising, proper eating and keeping a record of the progress. It doesn’t matter if you cannot get satisfying results in the first week. There are several reasons responsible for this. Maybe your body is adjusting with the changing lifestyle and diet. Some people get fast results, whereas some people are hard gainers. In case you are one of the hard gainers, concentrate on your program and within a short span of time you will see that your body fat is decreasing. You will also find valuable information at at regarding fat loss products.


The Right Amount of Weight to Lose

Experts suggest to remain consistent with your fat loss program.Most of the people take the first week of your fitness program seriously because they are too excited in the starting. That is the reason why they do each and every exercise with great enthusiasm.

You are not consuming a single calorie more. So in the first week you may lose around 6 pounds of weight by following a strict regime. But in later weeks, it is okay if you manage to lose between 1-6 pounds only.Let’s agree that you could manage to lose only 4 pounds a month, then it will translate into 48 pounds of weight after a year. This is indeed a good amount of weight, but you will achieve that only if you will stick to your fitness program. In case you would like to know more about weight loss products you can visit at

Measuring your progress

When you start exercising make sure to measure the circumference of your waist. Then after a few weeks you can measure your belly again to find out how much it has decreased? Do not forget to record the results as you can evaluate them later. It is also advisable to measure the other parts of your body like legs, buttocks and chest.

In order to measure yourself, stand in a relaxed position. Keep the measuring tape in the mid of your stomach to take proper measurements. Take a normal breath and exhale and don’t measure when you have inhaled.