Benefit the Most from Health Insurance In India!

Health continues to be a critical issue all over the world especially in India. Since years people have been negligent about their health in both rural as well as urban areas. In rural areas people suffer from mere unawareness about what benefits and de-benefit their body. Urban areas face a different kind of a problem. The kind of lifestyle that is being led by today’s people hampers them a lot. Living in such uncertain conditions it is of utmost importance to have a health insurance in India. In case of emergencies and crisis you can always rely on your health insurance for a good and tension free treatment.

My mother had to undergo an open heart surgery which obviously was very expensive. The surgery was absolutely important for her, without it the disease could turn out to be fatal for her. I went through the several health insurance policies in India. I learnt that health insurance policies were not just for the poor or the differently abled. Every company and every hospital provide health insurance coverage for its employees and patients. Traditionally health insurance in India has been forced to go through the individual agent model. It has started bustling with more than 35 general insurance and life insurance companies and more than 70 health insurance policies. There is a growing need for unbiased health insurance in today’s date.

No person or individual plans on getting sick or meet with an accident. My mother’s illness too came as a shock for the entire family. It was apparent that she needed extensive medical care. Since we had already applied for the health insurance policy it did not consume much of our time to go through the whole formal documentation process. My mother’s health insurance policy covered all the costs and offered us many more important benefits.

Health insurance benefits us in much important ways than we can imagine. It protects us from unexpected and high medical costs. You get to pay less for covered in-network health care even before you meet with your deductible. You enjoy free preventive care for your kids and family members like vaccines, screenings, and checkups. All this is covered under your health insurance policy even before you meet your deductible.

Of the very gifts that I could have gifted to my mother I thought buying her a health insurance would not only benefit her but would keep us happy as well. Old age is something that every individual deserves to spend in contentment and not in misery and suffering. I got my mother the best medical insurance policy. Amongst the many different features that the policy held some of them were-

ü  The entire hospitalization expenses were incurred in any event of accident or any other emergency. In my mother’s case it was a cardiac arrest.

ü  Expenses incurred on various recognized technically advanced treatment wherein the patient need not be hospitalized for 24 hours. Examples of this include angiography and dialysis.

ü  You can avail the health insurance policy 30 days prior to hospitalization and 60 days after discharge from the hospital.

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