Benefits of being a Navy Seal

A career as a NAVY SEAL will give him/her tangible benefits and intangible benefits.  Navy seals work closely with their teammates to creatively accomplish missions, which are most significant for national security.  They are actually best employers of the country and there is a large number of benefits that they can enjoy by enlisting to become a Navy officer or by qualifying for the Navy Seals.  These seals constantly learn new skills.  The lives of their mission and their teammates achievement depends on their individual and technical collective skills.  Before involving in Navy seal workout they should know about the important benefits of being a navy seal.  Here are some benefits that they can gain as follows,

Full medical benefits that navy seals enjoy

Navy SEALS can gain full medical benefits, because their job is totally based on physical strenuous, this will ensure them that they are in perfect health.  At the same time they can receive full medical and dental benefits when they are working as Navy Seals.  They gain these medical and dental benefits not only for them, but also for their family members also.

Education benefits

High school graduates or its equivalent can able to join the Navy.  When they join the Navy, they will be given chance to earn a college degree through various scholarship programs.  If they have already received their degree before joining the Navy, it also helps them to pay for their loans (student loans).

Financial benefits

The salary received by seals is one of the competition in the job market today.  Apart from that, these seals also gain housing allowances, living allowances, a uniform allowance and food allowance.  This is highly beneficial to the Seals.

Job security for Seals

If we see other employers of some other field, job security is quite a difficult one.  But Seals can earn a good job security.  Their jobs are not only about to work on ships, but also in land-based positions.

Veterans’ benefits

If they want to leave the Navy and they can get their honorable discharge, even after that they can enjoy benefits because they worked as Navy Seals.  Through the administration, they can get preferential treatment when it comes to earning job with the local or federal government.  They can also gain, low-interest housing loans.  When they join as Navy Seals, their work will certainly entail duties which are challenging.  This applies when they are qualified for the Navy Seals.   When they become employees of the Navy, they can gain more than just a paycheck.  During the career of Seal operators they will be given some training.  Few of them are:

  • Sniper School
  • Parachuting Jump Master Qualification Training
  • Personal Defense
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Military Performance Driving
  • Combat Medical Training
  • Language Training
  • Dive supervisor Qualification Training
  • Advance Marksmanship Training
  • Communication Training

Along with that they receive few more benefits like good salary, medical insurance and life insurance, education, supply discounts and travel expenses. These benefits make the Seals to do service to their family, community and also the country.  The other benefits are as follows:

  • It is possible for them to repay college loans
  • They earn initially up to $60.000
  • They will be given re-enlistment and qualification bonus
  • They will be awarded an extra payment for parachuting and diving
  • They can enjoy 30 days leave per year
  • They can earn medical and dental benefits
  • They will be given retirement after 20 yrs.
  • They can enjoy tax free allowances for housing and food

They can also enjoy tax free pay in combat zones and access to military facilities.  By knowing all these information they can start to involve in Navy seal workout with the confidenc