Benefits of e-cigar

If you are thinking to quit smoking, then this is good time to go for this. Quitting smoking is very difficult for a total addicted person, but it is possible to quit. People who want to seriously get rid of this tobacco smoking, and then here is a solution called Dominican cigars. There are seriously many benefits to switch over electronic cigarettes, to look as per the appearance; they look no different than traditional cigarettes. The current smokers are major people who switch to these electronic cigarettes as they find a lot difficult to suddenly stop smoking. They are surely an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.


You will find this section as strange, you might be thinking, how smoking will have advantage, as the habit or act itself is considered as injurious. Let’s start mentioning the benefits:

These electronic cigarettes do not emit a distinctive odour which is generally emitted while smoking traditional cigarettes. As many people think that the odour of smoking is a lot offensive and avoids close contact due to that. The gross smoker will never notice this type of odour, the non-smoker or ex-smoker can easily differentiate between the smell. The burning tar and chemical within it emits such odour while smoking.

Cost efficient: Electronic smoking is much cheaper and cost saving as compared to traditional tobacco smoking. These E-cigarettes can be reused and refilled. On purchase of regular cigarettes, you might face tax deduction, while on purchase of these electronic cigarettes no amount of tax will be deducted. The mixture of refill can be prepared as per our measurements and requirements. As more and more technology gets develop, more amount of cost will get decline. Electronic cigarettes are safe and these electronic cigarettes contain no harmful substance, due to which it is very much less harmful.

There are number of aspects people gets addicted to, tobacco addiction is one of them and one of the most difficult to break. Tobacco smoking is the cause of many serious diseases. WHO has stressed repeatedly that the smoking and the impact of smoking is affecting the global health, and the matter must be taken seriously, to step up the efforts on quit smoking campaign.

People start smoking due to number of reasons; most common amongst the youngsters is the peer pressure. Advertisements and movies also play vital role in spreading this habit. The stress and pressure of performance at work also can be the cause to take up smoking, and the habit becomes addiction.

There are many attempts done by the authorities right from the campaigns highlighting the health issues that crop up due to tobacco ingestion, to alternatives like nicotine patch, gums or other products. The different products and methods try to encourage the smoker to quit smoking and the e-cigarettes are the latest product

 This product the electronic cigarette is novel concept, and is a battery operated inhaler device that delivers liquid nicotine in the vapour form for inhalation. This can reach the bloodstream, thus directly soothing the urge. The mist is made up of water and propylene glycol along with the choice of flavors. E-cigarettes are new but are slowly becoming popular with those who are seriously struggling to quit smoking. These have come in the market only from 2004 and the long term effects are yet to be seen. However since the nicotine in these cigarettes is delivered in quite safe manner, and is free from tobacco, the chance of the side effects of tobacco are eliminated. The users must be careful to buy the right product as these cigarettes are available with different levels of nicotine and flavors.