Best Tips to get relief from Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a urinary disorder that is majorly found in he middle aged women. It is a condition that is not only stressful bit at times it can become very embarrassing. It makes the daily life very cumbersome for the sufferer. However there are several ways in which one can get relief from the condition

You can either improve the condition regulating your diet or can use the special exercising equipments available n the market. Generally known as Pelvic floor device these exercise devices train your vaginal muscles to be strong.

Here are some of the diet tips to get rid of Urine Incontinence:


Drinking plenty of water can be a good thing for many health conditions. But it might not be the best thing if you are suffering from Urinary Incontinence. Drinking moderate amount of water can help you in certain extent.


Alcohol affects the functionality of the brain to hold and release the urine. As a result the brain is not able to control the urine at the desired time and thus it further deteriorates the condition of the person suffering from urinary incontinence. Hence it is bet to stop alcohol. One thing to remember here is that many people think that drinking in moderate amounts would not pose any problem. The problem, however, is that once you start drinking you cannot guarantee that the amounts will remain moderate. Over the period of time you might gradually increase the amount. So it is best to aim for stopping alcohol altogether.


Caffeine is also known to signal your body that it needs to “pee” some liquids out even when it is biologically not required. So having a cup of coffee (or tea or cold drink for that matter?) can also worsen the condition. If you just cannot afford to stop coffee you can take it during the night time when you are about to sleep as during sleep the you will no be prompt to frequently tog to for peeing.

Cut Spice

Spicy food is one of the major elements to trigger the condition. Due to their strong nature spices can irritate your bladder and gives you a feeling of going for urine. So cutting spice can prove helpful in relieving the symptoms.


If you are a big fan of tropical juices and salads, then you might not like it but you need to cut on (in fact completely stop) all these juices and salads as these fruits contain acid. The acid, when travels tough your body system, it irritates your bladder. So just after in taking juices or fruits, you would start feeling the urgency to go for urine. That is because of the irritation caused by acid present in citrus juices or tomatoes.

Fizzy drinks

Many people think that they can continue drinking frizzy drinks as far as they don’t have caffeine. This is actually a misconception. Fizzy drinks are carbonated and cabin dioxide present in them is notorious for urging your bladder that it needs to pee when in fact you biologically don’t require to empty the tank.

Also there are some pelvic floor device in the market that can be used to exercise you vaginal muscles. This exercise will train and strengthen your muscles thus improving the condition. However you should consult with your doctor before starting such kind of exercises as it might not be suitable for your body type.