Build Strength Fast with HIIT Work Outs

Recent studies have shown that a lot of HIIT workouts happen at a frantic, all – out pace, quickly shifting between exercises without even giving you a chance to wipe the sweat you break. Yes, it may sound interesting to exert yourself to sweat profusely and test your endurance limits, however, if you do not have a proper form, it can lead to a great deal of stress and injury. It will be wiser to think of fitness as a game of chess and not checkers – a strategy game for winning in the long – run.

Building strength is the baseline of all physical performance. It does not come by easily. Take one step at a time even in this high intensity workout. In this article, we focus on how you can build strength by putting away the timed intervals and really looking at ways to drill in form and completely help build strength.

Before you start, warm up by rolling your glutes, hamstrings, calves, hips, quads and upper back for about 5 minutes or so. You should also be doing a few sets of jumping jacks, bodyweight squats, butt kicks and high knees for 3 to 5 minutes. When you get to the routine, follow it for 3 times per week on non – consecutive days, as we do not want you to push yourself and injure yourself.

Explosive Sumo Squat – 12 reps

Stand with your feet wider than shoulder – width apart, toes turned out. Keeping your torso straight, push your knees out over your toes to form a squat position, jump up in a quick motion with your toes pointed out. Make sure you land softly and repeat the motion.

Tap – Up – 12 reps

Start at the top of a push up. Slowly lower your chest to the floor, preferably in three seconds. Then push back quickly and at the top of the move, tap your left shoulder with right finger tips. Repeat with the opposite hands.

Power Thrust – 12 Reps

Crouch down and place hands on floor below your shoulders. Jump up and land back to a push up position. Jump up raising your fingertips to the sky. Land softly and repeat.

Plank Pike – 12 Reps

Start in a low plank position and pike hips and drive knee forward. Return hips and foot to starting position. Repeat with your left knee.

Laterals – 12 Reps

Lower yourself into a semi squat position and jump up and over to your right. Repeat to the left side and that is one rep.

Single Arm Iso Hold – 3 Reps

Start at the top of a push up position. Place your wrists positioned below your shoulders. Extend your arm parallel to the floor for a slow count of 15 or 20. Focus on contracting the muscles in your upper back. Repeat with the other arm and try and go three reps each.

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