Buying e cigarette

With the advent of the e-cigarette at hookahpencentral,from here the buying of your cigarette is no longer as simple as the analog cigarettes. As you are entering the age of machines for all of your habits and comforts, you have to employ all such things and precautions as are taken while buying a small machine for your daily requirements. In the case of analog cigarettes all you had to do was to go to a cigarette shop and ask for the brand of cigarette which you like. You may need to tell him the strength requirement if so required. Take a cigarette out of the packet, light it with the lighter in your pocket and go smoking with pleasure. As you complete the last puff you will simply throw it to waste basket and the matter ends here. But as you switch over to the e cigarette your business of smoking is not going to be as simple as that. You have got to educate yourself with the working of the e cigarette, its constituent parts, their maintenance aspects, spare parts and their availability, the updates which are coming continuously, the technique of refilling the cartridges with the e liquid and updating the information about the latest cartridges etc.

Prerequisites of buying e cigarette

Before buying your e cigarette you have to know the components of the e cigarette. In the package of your e-cigarette you will find a lithium battery, cartridge, atomizer along with a mouthpiece for smoking, USB charging cable for 220 volts, USB charging cable, compatible to your personal computer, main power adapter for 220 volt supply line and a filter. In the first pack the e liquid is filled in your cartridge. At a later period there will be options to get filled cartridges or to refill the existing cartridge which will be cheaper, but will require you to know the techniques of refilling the cartridge. The e liquid again can be different types depending upon the strength of the nicotine you require. The available nicotine densities are no nicotine, light nicotine density, medium nicotine density, high nicotine density, X high nicotine density, XX high nicotine density and XXX high nicotine density. You can also get the data regarding the amount of nicotine available in each density from here at the hookahpencentral.

Selecting the e cigarette

When you search on the internet, you will get puzzled seeing the varieties of products available in the market. The initial choice should be disposable kit in which the cartridge is filled with the e liquid and is not refillable. This kit is meant for trial purposes and is to be thrown after use. The battery provided with the kit is not chargeable too. This kit is mainly used to test the suitability of the brand and to find whether the e cigarette can be used as a replacement of the analog cigarette. Other names of the kits available in the market are starter kit, USB kit, deluxe kit, premium kit, CE 4 kit and VGO kit. The premium quality kits will have superior battery that can retain its charge and will only to be recharged after a considerable number of puffs which is much more than the cheaper variety.

The quality of the atomizer also goes on increasing with the price. There are atomizers available with low internal resistance which requires lesser charge from the battery for vaporizing. With such atomizers the life of the battery increases and also the time between two charging increases. The present generation e cigarette is coming with extraordinary flavor. You have the liberty to choose the flavor of your liking. If you do not like any flavor you can go for the plain one having no flavor.