Diseases That Cause Hair Loss

For as long as mankind has revealed in the beauty our hair, we have been making every effort to conform to these standards of beauty, altering our appearance and sometimes our way of life for this sacrifice. Hair is one of the most important elements of a person’s appearance, so it’s easy to see why most people become perturbed by the thought of losing it. Unfortunately, it does happen, and there are several possible causes which will be outlined below, most of which can be counteracted by hair loss treatment.

Genetic predisposition

Most of the time, hair loss is a result of poor genetics. Men with an increased sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone, a major male hormone, tend to find themselves losing hair as they age. In fact, hair loss affects 40% of the male population by the age of 35 and almost twice as many by the age of seventy. This particular type of hair loss is called male pattern baldness and is responsible for nearly 95% of hair loss cases.

Various health problems

While male pattern baldness is the most talked-about cause of hair loss, this condition can affect people of all ages and genders for a variety of other reasons. One of the other top culprits is health problems and disorders. Some endocrine disorders, including hypopituitarism, thyroid dysfunction, Cushing syndrome, diabetes mellitus, growth hormone deficiency are known to cause hair loss, as well as skin conditions like seborrhea and scalp infections. Furthermore, hair loss can occur when the immune system perceives hair follicles as foreign bodies and attacks them, when a person is affected by some autoimmune disorders.

Lifestyle choices

Studies have shown that hair loss can be influenced by a number of lifestyle choices. For example, smoking has been known to inhibit hair loss, while poor diet or lack of nutrients can have the same effect. Some forms of treatment, including cytostatics, immunosuppressants, beta blockers, etc. can make hair fall out. Finally, chronic and acute stress can also be a major contributor to hair loss.