Do Supplements Really Aid In Weight Loss? The Truth Revealed

Weight loss medications cannot be complete without weight loss supplements. There are several dietary supplements designed to decrease appetite, increase the body Basal metabolism Rate and block fat absorption. Some of these supplements are very effective while others are not, and it is common for dietary supplements to have mild side effects if misused.

According to Stacey @ILoveGarciniaCambogia the trick on how to lose weight with supplements is as simple as pie: choose the one that works for you or combine several of them to ensure that you take control of your weight loss program. A doctor’s advice is highly recommended and the choice of a weight supplement will depend on the user’s needs. For instance, if one want to reduce the cholesterol from their body, Beta Glucan, Conjugated Linoleic acid or Glucomannan supplements are the most appropriate.

The number of weight loss supplements in the market today is overwhelming. Some of them include Garcinia Cambogia extract, Calcium, Green coffee or tea extract, Chitosan, Whey protein, mango seed fiber, Fucoxanthin, white bean extract, HCG and Chia, to mention a few. Others that are worth honorable mention include Resveratrol, Capsaicin, Hoodia, apple cider vinegar, bitter orange and coconut oil. There are different guidelines on how to use each of these supplements for weight loss. Of all of them, GarciniaCambogia extract, Green coffee extract and HCG protocols deserve standing ovation.


It is an extract from the rind of tamarind fruit. Here are the basic guidelines on how to use GarciniaCambogia extract effectively.

First, Garcinia dosing depends on age and health condition. Though there are no standard scientific dosages for this supplement, one should follow your doctor’s advice keenly.

-Use pure GarciniaCambogia only. Give cheat Garcinia products a wide berth or else you may experience adverse side effects. In addition, whichever brand you settle for, it should contain 50%-60% HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid). You should also check for the ingredients to ensure that there are no additives and filler ingredients.

-If you are pregnant or breast feeding, do not use GarciniaCambogia as harmful results could follow. In addition, if you recently suffered from Alzheimers or dementia, you should keep GarciniaCambogia at bay.

-Do not take more than 3000 mg in a day. The daily dosage is mainly between 800-1500 mg. Violation of this could lead to side effects, given that most GarciniaCambogia side effects are as a result of over dosage or under dosage.

For better results, use the supplement 30 minutes before a meal, with plenty of water. Above all, do not use this supplement if you are not more than 18 years of age.

HCG diet protocols

These natural weigh loss supplements are based on the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone and a 500-calorie diet. The protocols are taken in four phases, phase 1, 2, 3 and 4. In each of the phases, there is the recommended exercise and dietary pattern.

Green coffee extract

The green coffee extract is a natural way to lose weight and remain healthy. Since the beans are unroasted, they contain a high level of Chlorogenic acid which is crucial in reduction of blood pressure and weight loss by inhibiting the release of glucose from the liver to the blood stream.

In a nutshell, though the use of weight loss supplements always engenders controversy, they are unavoidable in most weight loss programs. We have only provided a sneak peak of how to lose weight with supplements that is a useful tool towards that up-to-the-minute look that you desire.