Do You Need Laser Hair Removal?

Cosmetic enhancements are available today, thanks to laser technology. This technique has been traditionally used to remove age spots, treat veins on the face and legs, and rejuvenate the facial skin. Laser technology, which utilises a high-energy laser, is now employed to permanently remove hair, get rid of spider veins, and lift and tighten the skin.

A Less-Painful Process

In the case of permanent hair removal, this innovative laser treatment approach completely eliminates the need to shave, pluck, or wax the hair. Less painful than electrolysis, this procedure is considered less tedious and quicker than other hair removal methods. The skin or the pores are not harmed during the treatment process either. Even larger body sites such as arms, shoulders, and legs can be treated during one session.

With that being said, experts recommend that six treatment sessions be performed monthly for optimum results. However, this recommendation depends on the individual. Hair grows in stages so several sessions are often necessary to target hair growth. Patients notice finer and less hair regrowth after the first treatment session.

How Laser Treatment Works

When a laser is used for hair removal, the device delivers heat or laser energy to the site of unwanted hair. The energy penetrates each strand of hair down to the root and attacks the follicle. The follicle in turn is disabled, which prevents it from producing a new hair.

How Electrolysis Works: Making a Comparison

In comparison to safe laser hair removal, electrolysis entails removing the hair by the application of an electric current. A fine needle is used to apply the current to the follicle, thereby destroying the hair’s root. As a result, electrolysis requires that needle probes be placed into each follicle, which makes the session quite lengthy and uncomfortable. Laser removal, by comparison, treats larger areas at a time.

As noted, removing hair with a laser is relatively quicker than using an electrolysis needle. Plus, the technique is considered safe when it is performed correctly. In addition, removing hair with a laser is not as uncomfortable. Most people experience long-lasting hair removal results when a laser is used, especially in large areas such as the legs or back.

Schedule a Consultation and Review Your Options

If you want to forego the time-consuming and painful process that electrolysis entails, then you need to schedule an appointment to have your hair removed with laser treatments instead. Before you set up a consultation, decide on the specific areas that you want to have treated.

Once you consult with a hair removal specialist, you will better know how to work the sessions into your daily schedule. Because the sessions are relatively short, you should be able to incorporate them into your regular routine. You do not experience any downtime when laser treatments are used. However, you may note some minor side effects such as itching or swelling that resolve themselves after a few days.

Arrange a consultation today to explore your options for hair removal or other laser treatments such as spider vein removal or skin tightening.