Don’t we all hate it when the little ones get sick?

There’s nothing more terrifying than having your little one come down with an unsuspected illness. We all know the routine. It’s nothing unfamiliar to a parent, but having your child crawl into your bed at 2 AM coughing and crying is always scary. It’s not that we didn’t expect it. As parents we know full well that eventually, our child may get sick; but when they are suffering and crying right in our face something primal and nurturing kicks in that we can’t help. We want to cuddle them, wrap them in blankets, feed them chicken soup and make sure that they get better.

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This being said, there is a real procedure that needs to be followed. Unfortunately, not all parents are honest and trustworthy. There are plenty of reasons why parents may use a sick day to their advantage. Maybe it’s a short vacation? Maybe there’s a wedding? There are all sorts of excuses to get your child out of school. However, the truth is that it’s not right to play hooky with your kid. Most children go to public school. While it may seem very arbitrary in the lower grades, as children grow up they are more and more involved in group projects. Removing them from the classroom not only damages their grades but also those around them. The best way to remedy this situation is with a doctor’s note.

Often times, parents loathe the notion of having to take a day off in order to take their children to the doctor’s office. It’s not that they don’t care. Parents would sacrifice life and limb for their children. The real issue is the time off of work. It’s an unfortunate reality in this world, but time off is often not respected both in the professional and educational world. In both areas, there is serious doubt and questioning about the nature of absence. However, the reality of the situation is that doctor’s note makes the difference. One letter and you can assure that your child will have nothing to worry about. One missed algebra class won’t ruin their lives, so just take them out and get the note.