Eating Greens & Proteins

Whether on the go or running errands, you stick to your diet. In Las Vegas, your healthy-conscious option to stay on track is Greens & Proteins.

Greens & Proteins is a cafe that prides itself for creating healthy food with a twist. You can choose from a menu that has vegetarian and vegan options.

It opens from 7am to 10pm Monday to Sunday. With three locations in Las Vegas, one in Flamingo, Eastern, and Rainbow, you can have Greens & Proteins almost everyday. Price range is less than $15.

For breakfast, start your day with grains and have multigrain protein pancakes, granola or oatmeal. Or, opt for a fueling meal like southwest tofu and chorizo burrito.

Get hummus and pita, or mini ahi tuna tostadas to snack on later.

For a satisfying lunch, grab a salad, choose from steak, chicken quinoa or ahi protein. You’ll definitely get your Greens & Proteins.

Have a cheat day and get pizza or a burger. Choose from healthy pizza options like veggie, Greek, or Margherita. Or, pick a burger and get it with ostrich, bison or the house’s own G&P veggie. All burgers come with tasty jicama or tofu fries.

Get it raw. Choose from macho nacho, pizza, or mock chicken lettuce wraps. You’ll savor all the flavor and taste. Nothing added, all natural — go raw, you’ll like it.

If you’re are a picky eater, you can build your own meal; choose your proteins, greens, grains and sauces. The calories for each ingredient are provided on the menu, just add it to your calorie counter. At Greens & Proteins, you’ll know what you’re eating.

For revitalizing and delicious drinks, choose from juices and get a straight to the heart, wellness drink or V9. If you prefer a protein-filled smoothies, pick a green leaf berry blast, chocolate peanut butter shake or acai berry.

This month special is frittatas. Savor a grilled vegetable and herb frittata, roasted turkey broccoli and fontina frittata, or tomato mozzarella and basil frittata.

Greens & Proteins promises to satisfy even the hardest to please foodie. All food is tailored to suit your lifestyle and diet program. Get it there or have it on the go.