Essential Symptoms When You Need to Visit a Urologist

In your regular life, how many of you are really careful about your urological health? The urination is a natural process as whatever you eat and drink, that will be processed and you urinate. But, as you grow old, like other body parts, the urological function also gets deteriorated and you face certain serious problems. But, if you are careful about the early symptoms and visit the best urology hospital in India, you can stay away from the serious consequences.

Know a Bit about the Urological System of Human Body

The urinary tract of the human body is made up of few organs, like kidneys, bladder, ureters, and urethra. This entire system purifies the blood, removes toxins from it, turn them into the urine, store into the bladder and pass through the urethra.

When there is any problem anywhere in your urinary tract that comes under urological treatment. In case of women, urological treatment is concerned about vaginal pain, pelvic pain, incontinence, urinary tract infections and vaginal prolapsed. Besides this, urology is also concerned about treating certain male organs that help to make babies, like the penis, scrotum, testes, and prostate. Certain physical conditions that are related to the urology of men are prostate cancer, kidney stones, erectile dysfunction, overactive bladder and low testosterone.

Symptoms When You Need to Consult a Urologist

Maybe, certain urological problems are not that much vivid at a young age, still, there are certain symptoms you have to be careful with. And when you grow older, you should be alert enough about your urological health and go for a regular checkup to stay healthy. Now, which are the serious conditions that you shouldn’t avoid? Read on to know more-

  1. Erectile Dysfunction

Men will find it an uncomfortable topic to discuss, but if this is happening to you, you should make an appointment with a top urologist around you. This may not be a momentary problem but may be an indication of other bigger health issues. It can lead to vascular diseases, renal failure, hypertension and several other serious issues that can hamper your personal life.

  1. Blood in Urine

If you notice it once, you should consult a urologist immediately. If you notice it frequently, it may lead to bladder or kidney cancer. Once you visit a urologist, he will prescribe certain tests, like urine test, CT-Scan or X-ray, cystoscopy, etc. Cystoscopy is done to check the bladder through a fiberscope.

  1. Leaking Urine

Leaking urine or urinary incontinence is one of the major concerns to visit a urologist. This disease is quite common and it can be treated with medicines. If medicines fail, then urologists think about surgery.

  1. Testicular Pain

It can happen due to various reasons. Now, if the pain sustains and continues for more than two weeks, this is high time to visit a urologist. If there is any growth, like nodules or masses or you feel firmness in testes that should be examined by a urological specialist.

So, these are certain symptoms which will lead you to the best urologist in the country. You should not overlook the symptoms at an early stage. Maybe medication can cure you and you may not require any surgery.