Exercises that help the body and mind

A proverb we all know but rarely act upon is: “Health is Wealth”. Health is the most important possession any person has. Because health enables us to enjoy life to the fullest. You might be the wealthiest person in the world but you cannot enjoy any of it if you do not have your health. However, most of us do very little to take care of our health. Health is an asset and needs to be maintained.

A healthy lifestyle is a serious commitment and it starts from building up healthy habits. Healthy habits start from a healthy diet and exercise. There are other important healthy habits but none is as important as having a diet consisting of healthy food items and regular exercise that positively effects both the body and mind. Through recent advances in science we have started to understand how important the body and mind connection is and how both work together in creating a sound health. Research has shown that a person’s perception of things, mood and stress levels has a strong effect on the body. In this article we have focused on a few exercises that boost the mind and keep the body fit. It is a total win-win situation and everybody treasuring their health should incorporate these exercises in their lifestyle. Click here for more information on health insurance spain.


Yoga is one of the best known forms of alternative exercise which has become hugely popular in the last few decades. The health benefits of yoga is immense. It not only benefits you in terms of flexibility it is also a very powerful contributor towards a healthy heart. In fact many researches have conclusively proven that those who regularly practice yoga have stronger parasympathetic control and higher heart rate variability both of which indicate a healthy heart. Another research found out that regular practice of yoga lower the levels of cytokine interleukin-6 (IL-6) in their blood. IL-6 is part of the body’s inflammatory response system which has been correlated with stroke, heart disease, type-2 diabetes, arthritis and a range of other diseases.

Keep 20 minutes of your time 3 days a week to reap the many benefits of yoga. You can find many basic yoga training videos online which can help you get started. You can also consider joining a yoga class to get your basics right.


Pilates is a great form of exercise which is very simple and very easy to learn. Practicing Pilates on a regular basis has a great amount of benefit. Pilates not only improves and increases your flexibility it also helps build your core strength, reduce back pain and reduce the chance of heart disease. Pilates has also been proven to improve circulation. Pilates also helps improve the mind and body connection and reduces stress level and heart rate. Include 10-20 minutes of Pilate’s routine every day before you head out to work to reap all the benefits of Pilates. Make sure you are practicing your exercise routine every day.