Eye Prosthesis Helps To Enhance the Self-Confidence of People with Damaged Eyes

Prosthetic eyes, also called as glass eyes, are artificial eyes intended to restore the appearance of a lost or damaged eye. Some common reasons why an eye is removed are injury, glaucoma, eye tumors and infection inside the eye. Prosthetic eyes are normally prescribed by surgeons to those who are going to undergo eye surgery such as cataract surgery. The prosthetic eye is developed according to the look of original eyes. It is bespoke to follow the eyeball movement so it won’t look unreal in its symmetry or color. A damaged eye can easily grab the attention of others and ruin the total appeal of the face. Hence, having eye prosthesis is an incredible option to boost one’s self-confidence. However, there are few safety precautions to be followed while wearing prosthetic eye to ensure that it can last long and won’t cause annoyance to your eyes.

A prosthetic eye can enhance the appearance of damaged eye socket. For many people, it is mostly preferable to wear a bandage or an eye path. If the complete eye is removed, prosthesis and an ocular implant prevent the tissues at the eye socket from developing to fill the empty space. It is not possible to restore vision with prosthetic eye. Once the natural eyes are removed and prosthetic eyes are placed, a person will secure no vision in the eye. Earlier prosthetic eyes are made of glass, but now a prosthetic eye is typically made of plastic, hard acrylic.