Facts Regarding Cycling Related Accidents

In the UK more or less 19,000 people are injured or killed while cycling annually. This number includes the individuals who are killed or seriously injured during cycling related accidents.

During 2013 the official number as contained in the report “Reported Road Casualties Great Britain, 2013 Main Results” the Department for Transport indicated that a total of  6 children and 103 adults died in cycling related accidents while 276 children and 2867 adults sustained serious injuries during 2013.  The picture for less serious injuries are even worse where 1676 children were injured and just more than 14500 adults were injured. This brings the totals to almost 2000 children who were involved in cycling accidents and about 17500 adults.

These numbers only include the accidents that were reported to the authorities. It is no secret that many cycling accidents are not reported to the police even if the injured person requires medical attention. It is a proven fact that the amount of cyclists has increased over the past few years and therefore the number of cycling related accidents as well.

According to this report four out of five times more likely for male cyclists to be involved in an accident and the majority of cycling accidents happen in built-up areas. Almost 60% of fatalities or accidents where cyclists are seriously injured took place close to T junctions. Yet close to 50% of fatal accidents take place on rural roads. Only 20% of cycling related accidents takes place during the night while 90% of children related cycling accidents take place during the day.

The time period between 8 and 9 am and 3 and 6 pm and is the time when the majority of cycling accidents happen. Although cycling related accidents that take place at night is more often than not fatal.

In most cases where children are concerned the cause of accidents are due to riding too fast, child playing,losing control, or doing tricks. Adults are more often than not involved in motor collisions. Yet just more than 15% of serious or fatal cycling accidents are caused as a result of the rider losing control over the bicycle.

A stunning revelation is in the event where a vehicle and bicycle are involved, is that in almost 60% of cases the vehicle driver was at fault and just more than 40% of cyclists were to blame where accidents at intersections are concerned. The most common reason for the accident reported by police is that one of the parties involved neglect to look appropriately.

Commonly in most cycling related accidents the vehicles involved are motor vehicles and the cyclist is hit from the front of the vehicle. Sadly in 25% of all fatal accidents it is found that the rear of the cyclist was hit by the front of the vehicle.  Heavy goods vehicles are reported to be responsible for about 20% of cycling deaths, especially in London.

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