Few signs of Skin Aging and Its Prevention:

The skin of our face is much more delicate, compared to the skin which covers the rest of our body parts. Due to this reason, the trace of fine lines or wrinkles generally appears first on the skin of our face. The whole process of aging naturally starts from the age of 40, but in some people these signs become apparent even at an early age.

The Signs of Aging: 

There are some signs of aging, which everyone should try to notice, in order to fight back with them.

  • Wrinkles: 

One of the first noticeable signs of aging from 25-30 is, wrinkles and fine lines. These lines can appear on any part of your face, whether it is the area around your eyes or the cheeks. These fine lines are actually triggered by your facial expressions, and tends to stay on your face forever.

  • Slow Healing of Wounds: 

The best characteristics of our body is its elasticity. It can actually go back to its previous shape by healing wounds or by healing the broken dermis tissues. However, when this process fails to work properly or fails to heal any wounds, it means that the function of your skin is not working as it used to do.

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  • Sallow Complexion: 

Having a sallow complexion is another sign, that your skin is aging. If you are a smoker then your skin will definitely appear as grayish and leathery after some time. Smoking is the main reason for speeding up the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your face. The habit of smoking can actually make those fine lines deeper, specially the lines, around your mouth.

The Prevention: 

After building some ideas about the signs of skin aging, there are some prevention, which you should also know, in order to prevent the signs of aging, to appear on your skin.

  • One of the most important prevention from skin aging is, you need to protect your skin, specially the areas around your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. Don’t forget to use sunscreen before you step out in the sun. You also need to carry a sun-glass with you.
  • Smoking and drinking are the key reasons for triggering the signs of aging, such as- wrinkles or fine lines. Nicotine starves the skin of oxygen, causing dullness, and breaks down elasticity, leading to wrinkles. So, you need to try to get rid of these bad habits.
  • Try to add foods in your diet containing with different vitamins. As we all know that vitamin A is the main nutrient for building collagen and repairing skin tissues. By including milk, eggs, butter in your diet you can definitely prevent all those early signs of aging.

Taking good care of your skin is the most important thing which you can do, in order to prevent those early signs of aging, appearing on your skin. For more details you can even visit the site, http://www.eyeserum.com/ingredients/argireline/. Where you will be provided with further information on the signs of aging and what are the prevention, which we can take for avoiding it.

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