Guide On What To Look for In Good Drug Rehab Centers

Alcoholism is one the many common as well as dangerous types of addiction currently. Alcoholism:

  • Tears apart families
  • Ruins careers
  • Causes financial problems
  • Destroys personal health
  • Problems with law enforcement


Withdrawing from alcohol without medical supervision has its own risk factors that result in health problems and in some cases death.


12 Step Treatments

With an expert staff at drug rehab centers you can get help or your loved one to safely detox from alcohol and start a treatment program that is primary and promotes recovery that is long-term. If it is applicable, you might be started on the 12-step treatment program which also helps in long-term recovery. But there are many drug rehab centers that have other programs beside the 12-step treatment program.

What is commonly used?

For over 75 years, the standard has been to use group meetings for therapy but not all drug rehab centers approve this method. Instead, many have discovered that one-on-one therapy is much more effective. Your team of therapists will customize your treatment to ensure that you’re getting one-on-one care available. Currently, there are 22 diverse types of therapy, all of which can be beneficial.

Dual addictions

Treatment for disorders that are co-occurring is an important part of any recovery, and is a feature that should not be overlooked. Many drug rehab centers have a team of counselors and therapists focusing on dual diagnosis and will then create a treatment program to address your use of alcohol as well as:

  • PTSD
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Other common issues

These dual addictions are common in service men and women returning from duty in the Middle East. These are problems that a person may be struggling with along with alcohol or drugs and will need a custom treatment plan.

Some rehab centers will try to involve the patient’s family as well as close friends to help with recovery. But this only occurs after progress in one-on-one therapy has occurred. This is believed to be one of the best therapies for service men who are having problems integrated again with their families and the community.


In a good rehab center the goal is to find out exactly what is driving these dual problems. Once identified as the cause of your addiction, begins the work to heal it. A complete program assimilates this goal using an advanced one-on-one approach to therapy.

Author Bio

Ann Lightman has a Masters Degree in Therapy and specializes in one-on-one talk therapy mainly with members of the Armed Services who are having problems adjusting after coming back from the Middle East.