Honduran Cigars Are Now Emerging As A New Brand

Some regions of Central America are well known for their tobacco and the taste they offer. Although there are many companies from several countries stand a chance for competition with the Cuban cigars, the quality of the tobacco is not enough which the experienced cigar smoker can able to differentiate within a short period of time. But the tobacco from this region is more competitive to that of the Cuban counterpart. The two main regions that are popular within this area are the Nicaragua and Honduras. Both are quality producers of cigars where the quality of cigars can speak for themselves all over the world. It is a fact that needs to be ensured that both of them were from the same region and that these two tobacco giants in the Central America are neighboring countries to each other. Hence the climatic conditions and also the existing temperature for curing tobacco are same for both these countries. However, there are more people stressing the Nicaraguan cigars, while the cigars from Honduras are overshadowed by the performance of the rival Nicaraguan cigars. There are also as many manufacturers of cigars present in Honduras compared to Nicaragua. Yet they are not visible to the outside world. The main reason why they are not up to the competition is that they cannot able to withstand the current market pressure and there are no attempts made to make the Honduran cigars to be a market leader. It is an amazing thing to notice that the Honduran counterpart is now gaining international fame due to the blessings of online marketing. This is so since there are many attempts made to bring them into limelight through online are beginning to show up their results in the present day. With the help of this, they can able to do lots of business and also they can able to bring up better results within a short period of time. In the recent days, they have also started to sell Honduran cigars as a separate brand, rather than just going under the name of the manufacturer or individual firms.

Quality speaks for itself

Nature has blessed the country of Honduras with a number of gifts like that of the fertile lands and the sloppy surface that makes it a best place for the tobacco to grow well. In the initial days, Cubans helped Honduras to better with their tobacco crops. But in the recent days, they developed to be a unique manufacturer along with Nicaragua to supply for the mass of production in a standalone manner. This growth of the Honduran cigars has now made them to be an important landmark in the world of cigars. With the help of the online marketing, the Honduran tobacco is sailing across various waters and waving in the air to reach all over the world. Although there are many countries importing the Honduran cigars, the most important importer among them is United States. They take both in the form of tobacco and cigars to make sure that they can able to use the world class tobacco in their cigarettes and to supply the cigars as it is from the region for the concern of cigar smokers. This region of Honduras, even though fertile and well known for agriculture, is also prone to be affected by a number of floods. It is said that a severe flood in the year 1998 washed away plenty of the highly valued tobacco plants in this region and left the farmers with nothing. But in the recent days, there are no such things taking place and they have now bettered with their agricultural techniques to produce tobacco that can meet or exceed the world quality expectations. In this way, they are now coming out of the influence of the Nicaraguan counterpart, where they are also now established as a brand among many cigar smokers. It can also be observed that there are now people who give priority for Honduran cigars than compared to the Nicaragua origin and that they are placing large orders for cigars that are of their origin. Honduras has thus emerged as a cub in the tobacco industry and will soon get lions share in the world total.