How can Stress affect your Telomeres?

It is important for a person to not let all of their problems eat their mind and soul up. This might result in a person getting badly depressed and hate their life, thus making them feel that their life has no value. A lot of people get so stressed out that they forget that they have a life to live and a family that loves them.

This is one of the major problems that millennials face today because studies show that this generation tends to get them overworked. Money is not important, but the quality of life is. Chronic stress makes you sick and makes your telomeres short. So below, you will read more on how chronic stress can affect a person’s telomere length.

Grave effects on your Brain and how you think

Because telomeres protect your cells, becoming overstressed can kill your brain cells. This is a serious problem and will affect the way you think and learn. Stress affects how you create new memories and how you can retrieve your past memories. This can make you snap and like those people who are diagnosed with PTSD due to a highly stressful event that they have experienced.

Prone to having heart problems

If you have a short telomere, your body is prone to having serious conditions and diseases. Heart disease is one of those dangerous diseases that you wouldn’t want to have. Chronic stress can force your heart to constrict and increase your heartbeat. Due to this, your blood thickens. High levels of stress can also increase the risks of you having a heart attack and damaging blood vessel linings which are caused by inflammation due to stress.

Short telomere length can greatly affect your Immune System

The good cells which are supposed to protect your body from deadly viruses and bacteria are slowly dying because your telomeres are getting shorter at a very fast rate. Short telomeres are also caused by chronic stress. This is important for you to know because what many people don’t know that too much stress can really make you sick and ultimately kill you.

Ageing real fast due to Stress

Short telomeres highly contribute on how a person age. Consider the lack of blood flowing to your skin, this is because of stress and can make you look older than you really are. Also, brain cells are slowly dying so not only does your physical body age but also your mind too. Due to stress, people are not taking care of themselves resulting in them not taking care of their body and abusing it. This will slowly lead to ageing.

The health declines fast because of negligence

You are so sad and depressed due to stress that you forget to take care of yourself and become a potato, not caring about what will happen to you. This makes your body vulnerable to diseases because your cells are dying due to the abuse that your body has gone through.

Being stressed out is normal, but too much of it can seriously make you sick and because of that, you’re compromising your health. Seek expert advice immediately if you are experiencing chronic stress and know how to lengthen telomeres because it can seriously help you out.