How Hair Loss Affects Male Emotional State

Hair is an important component of human’s appearance and when a person starts losing it, he may experience some psychological difficulties. Fortunately, pharmacological industry is developing with a lightning speed and there is a great choice of medicines, which may help every person save his hair. You may read about the most effective medicines at

The reasons of hair loss

According to the American Hair Loss Association 95% of men experience male pattern baldness. This process affects males of different ages. About a quarter of men face this problem before the age of 21 and by the age of 50, over 85% have some problems connected with hair thinning and balding.

The exact cause of hair loss is hidden in genes, otherwise it would have been long ago solved. Nevertheless, there is a number of factors, which have an indisputable impact on the process of losing hair:

  • Serious emotional upheaval;
  • Underlying medical conditions;
  • Intake of certain medications;
  • Heredity, which is believed to be a crucial factor for hair loss issues.

What is the emotional impact of baldness?

Though not all men may experience serious emotional challenges, all of them feel certain difficulties with accepting their changing appearance. Receding hairline adds age to any person and if the man is in his twentieth or thirtieth, then it’s not the way he hoped to look like at this age.

Quite often the process of getting bald is extremely fast, which may become one more hardship on the way of perceiving one’s new look. Some men can cope with their feelings and accept their new hairdo. Yet, some of them start losing their personality, develop mental health problems and go into deep depression.

Among the most frequently experienced feelings connected with hair loss are

  • Loss of self-confidence. Receding hairline may become a problem if a man cannot accept the fact that he looks different. Lack of confidence and low self-esteem influence personal relations and work. Some men avoid active social life (e.g. meeting friends, dating) and there even happen situations, when they change their place of work to fight their low self-esteem. One of the ways of regaining confidence in such men is wearing a headwear. Unfortunately, hiding the problem doesn’t mean solving it.
  • Feeling of being physically unattractive. According to some research 35% of men feel less sexually attractive if they have a problem of hair loss. Yet, it is considered that bald men have higher testosterone levels, hence, their sex drive is high too.
  • Anxiety and depression. In very rare cases, men cannot get over the emotional difficulties they experience together with the hair loss. They feel at a loss because of understanding that there is nothing they can do to restore their previous hair condition.

Ways of coping with emotional challenges caused by hair loss

Even such a serious problem as receding hairline has a solution. There are various medications and medical procedures (including hair transplantation), which can help men save their hair and thus stabilize their emotional state. Besides, there are numerous groups of support, which are aimed at helping men to perceive their new appearance positively. Anyway, hair is only hair and its absence or presence doesn’t change your personality.