How to make Oxandrolone powder steroids?

Oxandrolone powder is often bought in bulk by many people. Several online suppliers source this. Bulk powder is commonly sealed in bags and available in different weights. You can change the powder into a capsule form or mix it with some type of ingestible oil.

Oxandrolone is a milk anabolic steroid and was made in Sealre laboratories during the early 60s. The market name of the product was Anavar, and that is a derivative of diydrotestosterone. Due to mildness and not aromatizing property, the drug is popular for men and women bodybuilders. Studies prove that strength athletes who consume Oxandrolone during training achieve better body fat reduction. There are some physicians prescribed to prevent weight loss due to the degenerative diseases linked with HIV. You can get raw Anavar in in powder form and use it up in different ways. Read below to know more!

Making Oxandrolone Powder

We don’t really make Oxandrolone from powder as we purchase it raw. Anavar is the generic brand name of the drug. Although, there are plenty of ways to take the drug and you don’t always have to create an injectable form.

One smart way to take this drug is to put it into pills or capsules. There are several methods to do this. For example, there are automated capsule makers in the market. However, you could use capsule trays and manually make them as well.

You have to be precise with Oxandrolone powder steroids and you would also need to know what the right dosage is for you. Some of the dosages could be expensive, but you could be lucky to get them at a little lower. You would need the exact scaling measure of Anavar powder to do this. Good pharmaceutical quality scales are found online. You need to get a scale which is close to at least 0.1 gram size or lower.

Anavar Capsule Sizes

You get two sizes available for Anavar – one is 0 and the other is 00. Different manufacturers make it differently. Since you would be use much powder per capsule, the size won’t make a huge difference. You need to go with the one recommended for the capsule creator. You would need a filler material to fill up each capsule. It has to be something with a grain or a similar size to Oxandrolone powder and that has to be ingestible. You need to mix them together and you could also need a mortar and pestle or a good freezer bag to do this.

Take the capsule maker, be it manual or automatic and then put the capsules. Put the substance, which you would use as filler. Follow instructions from the seller to fill capsule. Once you are done with this, dump the substance on a scale and weigh in milligrams. Divide your result with the number of capsules you would fill. That’s exactly how much filler you would need. Follow the same process with raw Anavar in in powder form and use it thereafter.

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