iPhone Solutions for the Hard of Hearing

Technology continues to forge ahead, gaining speed as we head into a wireless digital world, and aside from the many obvious benefits this technology brings, there are some amazing advances in hearing aid technology. The iPhone has captured the world since the early 4 and 5 versions hit the stores, and being a market leader in mobile devices, it is fitting that this brand had integrated a digital hearing device application that can be effectively used on any of its products.

  • Bluetooth to the Rescue – Bluetooth technology has enabled wireless connectivity and with the latest versions of digital hearing devices, one can simply connect via smartphone, and crystal clear hearing is suddenly a reality.
  • Total Connectivity – By working hand in hand with iPhone, certain hearing device manufacturers have managed to build something that really does tick all the boxes. Ideal for music lovers, as your favourite tunes can be fed directly into the device, and with fingertip control, it is easy to make adjustments at any time. If, for example, you wanted to buy the latest Starkey Halo 2 in London, there are online suppliers, and with a few clicks and a secure online payment, the unit will be at your doorstep very soon.
  • Real Time Notifications – If your hearing device works with your smartphone, you can configure it to notify you whenever an email, SMS or any other incoming media arrives, so you are always aware.
  • Hearing Aid Locator – Due to the small size, it is easy to misplace a digital hearing device, and some units have a GPS locator, and using your phone, you can easily identify the device location.
  • Great Audio Streaming – Once your hearing device is activated and in communication with your iPhone, you have CD quality streaming audio for your phone calls, video, music, or any other media.
  • Special Apple App – Some digital hearing devices utilise a specially formulated app that works with all Apple devices, and this provides the essential connection between the two devices, and with the very best in sound quality, the tiny unit that sits behind your ear may well have more computing power than your iPhone.

Those who suffer from hearing loss have always had to make the best of it, yet with the latest generation of iPhone compatible digital hearing devices, a person can enjoy the richness of full sound that is easily controllable. Conversations will become much clearer, and the latest units can filter out unwanted sounds to accentuate only the sounds you want to hear, not only that, you have access to your mobile device which can stream music and video to your ears, and phone calls are no longer an issue.

If you would like to know more about this new technology, an online search should bring up a list of reputable suppliers of digital hearing devices and accessories, and with a secure online payment system, the best quality hearing devices are only a few clicks away.