Know all about Psoriasis and Its Care

Psoriasis refers to a universal skin disorder that affects the human skin making it red, thick and rough, covered with coarse patches and silvery scales. While it can appear almost everywhere of the body, however the most common areas are elbows, scalp, lower back and knees. The skin condition typically appears in early-middle age. If untreated, it may cover substantial part of one’s body. Consultancy and management under efficient dermatologist can help alleviate and heal this chronic skin problem.

According to different surveys Psoriasis approximately affect around 3% to 4% of people worldwide. Studies state that in the last couple of decades, there is a significant increase of patients suffering from Psoriasis in western countries. The problem affects both men as well as women. Though it can appear at any age, nonetheless, it’s most common among people aged between 15 to 30 years, and more in between 50 to 60 years. Individuals with cardiovascular diseases, immune disorder and metabolic syndrome are more prone to develop the skin problem.


In the beginning Psoriasis appears in small form with red bumps and that starts growing larger and also forms scales. Within a few days, the skin appears blemish and thick. Rashes appear which may itch and may bleed if the scales are rubbed or scratched. The skin of the areas becomes broken, scaly and itchy.

The actual cause of Psoriasis is still unknown. However medical experts consider that a combination of various issues lead to psoriasis. As per studies it is found that weaken immune system may trigger the skin problem while this may occur during the replacement of skin cells also.

Stress, scratching, injuries to the affected areas in addition to hormonal changes may prompt outbreak of the disease. Whereas most skin diseases are found lasting and grow rapidly affecting the other parts of the body, the well-known  dermatologists and skin care centers like DermAsap suggests that diseased people should contact specialists immediately once the notice the issue. Any kind of negligence at this stage or employment of unknown ointments available across the chemist’s counters may end with severely and massive outbreak.

Dr. Kenneth M Reed holds his medical degree, completed from the highly renowned New Jersey Medical School. The American board certified specialist doctor underwent his dermatology residency curriculum from well known Harvard Medical School. Backed by over 25-years services to American citizens with highest class of skin care solutions, the eminent dermatologist is a respected member of the American Society of Dermatological Surgery. He has been globally acknowledged for his great foundation of companies like Early Cell as well as DermAsap.

He achieved his medical degree from Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital centers. He is extremely popular for his successful management of Psoriasis patients who come from all across Massachusetts and it neighboring states. Dr. Kenneth M Reed undertakes a variety of methodologies such as phototherapy, methodical medication, and oral therapeutic ways and also counsels his patients in connection with the do’s and don’ts, dietary apart from different home care processes to get rid of chronic Psoriasis skin problem.