Know The Basics Of Kidney Health

There are many people who are not well educated on the issue of kidney health. They often neglect the importance of these organs only to regret late. It is better to be late than never. Kidney health is an important aspect to know about and responsible doctors in Mesa Arizona like Dr Manuel Abrante are taking the noble step of helping people become aware of the importance of kidney health and related issues. He is a renowned nephrologist in USA and guides and educates people on the importance of kidney health and care!

It is important for you to know what kidney disease is. The kidneys are two vital organs that are located on either side of your spine in the abdominal cavity. Both kidneys perform life sustaining health roles for both men and women. They help in the cleansing of your body and they remove toxins from the blood. They get rid of the excess fluid and maintain the balance of minerals and salt in your body. They regulate blood pressure and help you live an active life.

You will find when the kidneys become damaged the waste products in the body tend to build up. The symptoms of damaged kidneys are shortness of breath, poor sleep, vomiting, fatigue and weakness and swelling in the ankles. Loss of kidney function is serious and can prove fatal.

Dr Manuel Abrante treats patients with damaged kidneys and gives them regular dialysis. This is the process via which the toxins from the blood and the excess fluid from the body are removed. Many people are not aware of how kidneys are damaged. Dr Abrante cites three main reasons- the lack of blood flowing to the kidney, urine getting blocked from the kidney and direct damage to the kidney.

The other contributing causes to kidney damage are a traumatic injury that results in great blood loss from the body, damage done to the kidneys via severe infection called sepsis, dehydration in the body, obstruction of the urine flow especially due to large prostrate, pregnancy complications like pre-eclampsia or eclampsia. Very often there are athletes and other marathon runners that do not drink sufficient amount of fluids while they participate in long distance events. They often suffer from renal failure as there is a sudden breakdown of the muscle tissue in the body. This releases a large amounts of protein into the bloodstream called myoglobin that damages the kidneys.

The decreased function and kidney damage that continues for at least three months gives rise to chronic kidney disease. This is very harmful as you may not notice the symptoms until they are irreparable. Dr Manuel Abrante ensures people are aware of the importance of kidney health and care. In this way, they will understand the importance of eating right and exercising to promote the healthy disposal of waste products from the body. Besides this, he also counsels relatives of patients about kidney damage and its treatment. He is a devoted doctor and this is why he is widely loved and respected in Mesa, Arizona in the USA.