Know Your Exact Body Dynamics

This is not the first time that you are reading something on health and fitness, and it’s obvious that the same question will pop inside your mind “Will it work? But trust me on this! Most information you generally get on the pages, forums, and magazines don’t tell you the exact reason behind the methods they suggest. No, I am not setting up any rivalry, but it happens all the time.


Whether you are aspiring for a significant weight loss, bulking and weight gain without accumulating fat, or keeping the overall fitness in check, then you are required to follow the basics. The first thing you should note down is that no phenomena or changes in the body metabolism can be brought without having a mixed routine of Exercise, Diet planning, and controlled habits.

One doesn’t need to buy commercial drugs and medications from the market in order to cure the abnormalities occurring in the body. At the very first level, certain physiotherapies, diet and exercises help the body to induce a natural preventive process to counter the complexities which later appear as diseases. For example, certain nutrients like ALC is produced naturally inside the body, but still most of the people take it as a dietary supplement. ALC or ALCAR which stands for Acetyl L-Carnitine is a Lysine derivative, which is required for normal biological functioning and improving neurological conditions.

Note that Acetyl L-Carnitine is a Lysine derivative, also means that our body can make it from the amino acids Lysine and Methionine. It crosses the blood brain barrier to improve the cognitive abilities and enhancing memory. It brings about a change in the overall mood of a person and has no side-effects being a naturally occurring nutrient. The point is that people who may be used to get their carbohydrate levels regulated will prefer taking its pharmaceutical preparation and pay way too much money instead of inducing it through changing poor habits and exercises.

Though, certainly that’s the common mindset, which brings about a huge number of medical cases in various departments. People should learn to stay out of their comfort zone a little bit to ensure proper care of themselves. So below are those vital points that are genuine enough, instead of showering huge amount of details which results in nothing, but confusion when one seeks for Weight Gain or Loss healthily.

Weight Gain

The only condition when you will gain mass is when you intake more than sufficient calorie per day irrespective of your diet choice. Basically, you have to increase the amount of intake each day continuously for a month for a minute increase in weight. Secondly, only eating and drinking water won’t help until you condition your body to successfully absorb the extra calories. For that it is advised to exercise or hit a gym because the muscle damaged during workout needs to be fed the calories for repair. Fat products should be avoided to produce lean muscle mass. In fact, your workout depends on whether your body type is Ectomorph, Endomorph or Mesomorph.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is possible when you are eating limited and converting all the intakes prudently in the energy used by the boy. This will help you to prevent the fat storage, which are nothing but the unused calories, which are storing as the bad fat. You can also perform the intense cardio and low calorie intake than normal. To achieve the requisite weight loss.