Knowing the Types of Condoms and Making an Adequate Purchase

Men have a secret love about their private part that offers immense sexual pleasure and also lets men connect with their partners by offering a delightful experience to them too. The major aspect of maintaining a good health of the private part is to have safe sex, which generally includes the usage of condoms.

The first consideration that comes in the mind while thinking of safe and protected lovemaking is the use of condoms. The first surprise of a man who thinks of using condoms during intercourse is about which type of a condom to choose and how to use it properly? Now, there are various types of condoms available including dotted, striped, etc., which is confusing to buyers. Below guide will help the users to have a better understanding about different condom types to have a safer and fun-filled sexual experience.

Latex condoms

Latex condoms are the most traditional types of condoms, which everyone is familiar with. Latex is strong and reliable, and is also very cheap when compared to other types. It is easily available globally so that any couple can have instant access to it. The negative aspect of latex condoms is that some people find these overly constricting. It is also a fact that a few have latex allergy who should avoid using these.

Polyurethane condoms

The next most popular material used to make condoms is polyurethane. This is also globally used as a standard alternative for latex, which can also be used by people having latex allergies. There are several advantages for polyurethane over latex as it is much thinner to offer greater pleasure and sensitivity during sex. However, some men find it less tighter and uncomfortable for them. It should also be noted that these types of condoms are much brittle than latex and are prone to breaking easily. These are also expensive than latex.

Lambskin condoms

Being more natural, lambskin condoms are hard to beat in terms of feel and comfort. Made from lamb membrane, these can give a natural skin feel. However, such types of condoms have pores onto it, which can pose a risk of sexually transmitted infections. However, lambskin condoms are highly effective in preventing accidental pregnancies.

Polyisoprene condoms

This is one of the latest materials used in producing condoms. Even though basically from latex, Polyisoprene material is made by removing all sort of allergens from latex rubber. People who have latex allergy can use this effectively. The finish and feel of Polyisoprene condoms are similar to that of latex itself, but the material is cheaper when compared to latex. Some rare cases of allergies are also reported to this material too.

While planning to use condoms, couples can first do some experimentation by using different types of condoms to know the pros and cons of each and choose the best one working for them. There are a lot of options to buy condoms apart from the local stores too. Visit a dedicated online store to make a purchase today.