Laser Hair Removal – An Effective Method

Growth of body hair is noticed all over the human body. It become more visible as the time of puberty arrives. Usually men tend to have more body hair than women. Both the sex has visible hair on their head, eyelashes, eyebrows, pubic area, armpits, legs and arms. Hence to get rid of the unwanted body and facial hairs various forms of hair removal procedures are practiced nowadays.


Method of Treatment

Considering different modern ways of hair removal, laser hair removal is treated as one of the most important and common procedures. Laser hair removal can be performed on your face, hands, legs and other areas. This method is considered as the most commonly used cosmetic method in India as well as in other countries. Using this gentle technique leaves you with smooth and silky skin and is the most effective method to remove unwanted hair as the lasers target the hair follicles and destroys every individual hair. When a laser bean is used it goes directly down the follicle prepare your skin to get rid of the dark and thick hairs. The skin and the surrounding area of your body is left absolutely untouched for the laser’s precision.

Protective eye shields are used over your eyes before starting the procedure. This prevents damage and injury to your retinas and corneas. The hair that is to treated with laser is trimmed above the skin surface. There is need of using a cold gel or some cooling device to safeguard the outer layers of your skin. In order to get an effective full body laser hair removal use of a low-energy laser beam can be used by adjusting it according to your skin colour, hair colour, location and thickness of the hair. Alow-energy laser beam will pass through the skin during the treatment and will be absorbed hair follicle pigment. Eventually the treated portion will be thoroughly observed in order to prevent any adverse reaction.This continuous process of hair treatment will disable the active-growth hair follicles.

The procedure of removal of unwanted body and facial hair includes removal of hair from different parts of your body including chin, upper lip, cheeks, forehead, neck (front and back), face – beard, arms, chests, shoulders, abdominal area, under-arms, hand, leg, linea – belly button down, Brazilian, bikini line and buttocks.


Full body laser hair removal brings an effective result in your skin making it smoother. Initially redness or skin irritation may occur but disappears on use of ice. After the treatment, it is likely to follow a prescribed regimen for skin care. Use of sunscreen is a must in the areas that get exposed to direct sunlight. In case of continuation of the irritation and the redness of the skin, the best possible measure is to contact your surgeon. It is advisable to attain three to eight different sessions of treatment for a successful and positive result.


Laser hair removal is thus considered as a convenient method of removal of unwanted body and face hair. It leaves your skin smoother and silkier as compared to waxing or shaving or electrolysis and this much gentle technique of treating larger areas effectively.