Make Getting around a Little Easier in Your Silver Years

If you’re getting close to retirement age or you’re already older, then you may be finding that getting around is becoming more and more difficult as the years begin to catch up on you. Just getting out of the armchair takes more effort, more intention behind the push forward and a little momentum is needed to succeed.

With a multi-story flat or a house, the story can be a similar one. If moving around your own home is becoming a little difficult, then managing the trip up the stairs become far more of a challenge, especially doing it safely. And don’t even talk about getting down again as some people simply can not make the journey without home mobility stair-lifts it’s hard to admit it when things are getting the best of you, but it happens to us all eventually.

Moving Home?

In such circumstances, we may think about the idea of moving home, getting into a convenient bungalow to resolve the issue, but packing up a lifetime of accumulated possessions is tough to do. The upheaval of having to move can really take its toll, especially if you’re emotionally attached to your home or you like the area where you live. Bungalows are also not so cheap to buy as more people search them out.

Riding the Stair Lift

One alternative to the thought of moving home is one of these home mobility stair-lifts. They can be fitted pretty easily by trained specialists in only a few hours. The stair lift makes it simple and painless to get up and down the stairs conveniently once again. For family visitors, it’s also a fun new way to move between floors when they come to visit.

Stair lifts are pretty flexible as well. There are straight ones for that single straight flight of stairs. But there’s also a curved one for stairs that go up, then take a turn… It’s even possible to get one to go outside the property.

Other things that can help

It is known that muscles atrophy without use and reduce in mass and strength as one age from the early 30s onwards. So if you’ve not exercised very much since this age, then you may find your strength is not what it used to be.

There are many types of simple exercises that one can do at home to gradually improve your flexibility and endurance. You won’t be able to get back the energy of your youth, but you can feel stronger and more capable if you help your body to develop more endurance.

The important thing with any exercise is to start smaller, slow and simple. Men especially tend to let ego get in the way; they start too impressively and then fail and give up. Start with easy steps and add an extra one each day. This is better than trying to do too much too fast. Pick movements that you think you can do, and then later try to tackle ones that require more flexibility which you’ll find more challenging. This leads to success over time with a greater sense of movement and increasing strength, both of which can really add more freedom to your life.