Medical and Holistic Approaches for Tonsil Stones

If you are not aware of tonsil stones then this article will enlighten you. Tonsil stones are small whitish or yellowish masses that are due to a build up of bacteria, fluids, and dead skin cells. The more these little nasty balls build up in the tonsils it will cause your breath to smell badly. Other symptoms of tonsil stones include pain while swallowing, inflammation in the tonsils, pain in the back of your throat, and pain in the ears. Not only are these symptoms embarrassing, but they can also make you very uncomfortable.

The longer the stones remain in the tonsils it can cause them to grow bigger, and cause more pain. Most people realize they have these stones in the back of their throat when they look into the mirror with a light. If the stones are too small the only way to really detect them is to get a CT scan or X-Ray done by a doctor. There are various options out there to remove tonsil stones and they include cotton swabs, ear curette, and water jets. When you use these methods it will require some finesse and a lot of patience. You have to pry the tonsil stones out with a little gentle scraping and probing motion.

When you use the water jet you have to definitely use some caution. You should put the water jet on the low setting and then spray the stones directly to get them out. If you can’t find a water jet then the next best thing is a dental irrigator. When you remove the stones with these methods you should gargle your mouth with some salted water or some mouthwash. The best thing about using these methods is the fact that they won’t cost you too much money to use.

Other options for removal involve laser therapy and surgical procedures. The most aggressive option to remove these stones is definitely surgery. When it comes to surgeries they involve surgically removing the tonsils. However, when the tonsils are removed sometimes the stones will still remain. The best thing to do is to talk things over with a surgeon to know what the best option for you and your condition could be. Keep in mind though that these surgical procedures can be very costly and they won’t stop the viral infections in the mouth that these stones can lead to. When you talk to a doctor the doctor should tell you that surgery should be your last option if all else has failed.

One way to treat tonsil stones involves the use of holistic approaches. These holistic treatments include home remedies, eating the right foods, and basic hygiene. Using holistic methods are great because they will help remove the stones without having to get rid of the tonsils. When using this approach you should stay away from certain foods like dairy products. Dairy products will cause the stones to grow more rapidly and become more severe. You should also stay away from foods that are too fatty and too oily as well.