Michael Mamas: The Embodiment of Divinity

During his research Dr. Michael Mamas discovered that the intrinsic spirituality and emotional or physiological changes of human is continuously disrupted due to the social barriers including changes in economy, culture and concepts. The whole idea of CRS community is to assist people in awakening their innate psychological and mental health together with spirituality. The entire program is designed by Michaelji which comprises superior class meditation, knowledge building towards rational thoughts integrating them with holy wisdom and new age concepts.

At present, Dr. Michael Mamas is very much involved in developing a great community, Mount Soma, with a view to bring development in individual, in the community as well as the people across the world. Mount Soma together with CRS the Center of Regional Spirituality, in North Carolina is an ideal home for Visitors who are coming from different parts of world to meet Michaelji to obtain his valued suggestions and become members of this unique center. The Visitor Center is wonderfully organized with all facilities, built and properly maintained by CRS. It organizes daily meditations, workout sessions and lectures designed to spiritual healing.

Those who are interested to visit the superlative creation of Dr. Michael Mamas and like to experience the completeness of CRS’s activities should note that the Visitor Center of Mount Soma is located just at its center point and in a superb natural locale. This simple but elegant Visitor Center was built by the community CRS out of the grant from the Foundation of Germeshausen. The construction, décor and entire setting of this center are done in accordance with the guidelines of Vastu Shastra. The Center aims to act as a harmonious community for educating people on fundamentals of spiritual healing and help them in understanding the power of ancient thoughts and wisdom of Veda and how that knowledge can be unified with modern culture for overall development of individuals mentally and physically.

The Activities of Visitor Center, Mount Soma

Two sessions are held both in the early morning and in the evening for meditation and other activities related to meditation retreats. The meditation process is wonderfully designed by Dr. Michael Mamas. The power that you gain through this meditation process multiplies remarkably once you start undergoing the session in a group-setting.

Surya Ram Classes are taught by Dr. Michael Mamas while he also participates in classroom session lectures, immersion courses and seminars that are held throughout the year. The Visitor Center also offers Multi-cultural activities as designed by the board members of the center from time to time. Dr. Michael Mamas has comprehensive planning to develop CRS Visitor Center in all terms.

The current projects under planning

  • Observatory
  • Complete Information based Display Center for Visitors
  • Children’s participation day

Future projects under planning

  • Online courses
  • Vedic University library in Mount Soma
  • Satellite meditation units

Dr. Michael Mamas is the characterization of Divinity, the byword of Knowledge and the epitome of genuineness. His focus is on bringing peace, unity and harmony in people throughout the world. He dreams to see this Divine Land through transformation of global consciousness among people from and through Mount Soma.