Modern Hair Transplant Solutions

Like all industries, hair transplant has seen many developments, and what used to be a painful process that offered no guarantee of success, is now very effective and painless. Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, as it is known, is a revolutionary way to harvest hair follicles, and with a skilled surgeon, the hair can be aligned to grow in the same direction as the surrounding hair. As with all fields of medicine, there are specialist surgeons who use state of the art equipment to perform hair transplant surgery, and with hardly any downtime, recovery is fast and the results are excellent.

Global Centre

Turkey has firmly established itself as the global hub for hair transplant surgery, with state of the art private clinics that offer a comprehensive service, and with online solutions, you can search for clinics, or hair transplant Turkey reviews, of which there are many. Of course, with so many private clinics offering hair transplant, one might be confused and a little wary, and if you can find an established clinic that has many excellent reviews, with video interviews and before and after photos, then you can be sure that the clinic is of the highest standard.

FUE Explained

Follicular unit extraction is a special technique to harvest the hair follicles, which are taken from a carefully selected donor area, which is usually at the back of the neck or perhaps the side of the scalp, and by moving 1-4 follicles at a time, the skilled surgeon can transplant follicles to the affected areas. A local anaesthetic is used, so the process is painless, and recovery time is just a few days, and the results are excellent. The immediate environment must be optimum for the hair follicles to survive the transplant, and this is where the skill of the surgeon comes into play.

Comprehensive Service

The wonderful thing about flying to Turkey for a hair transplant, is you also have a nice relaxing holiday in the sun, and the local attractions are indeed many. You will be met at the airport, then taken to your accommodation, and after that, you will have your initial consultation with the surgeon. He would then explain what will happen the following day when you have your operation and you will be briefed regarding preparations, then on the day of the operation, you will be taken to the clinic and the entire process is over within a few hours, and you can return to your hotel. If you use an established clinic, all your transportation will be inclusive, and the after care is second to none. Typically, a patient can fly home the day after the operation, and after a few days’ rest, you can return to normal life.

If you wished to have a European surgeon perform a hair transplant, the cost would be very high, around £15,000, yet in Turkey, it would not even be half of that. This is another good reason to choose Turkey as your destination, and with the very best surgeons, you can be sure of great results.