Natural remedies for pain relief

It’s crystal clear that not only do the pharmaceutical drugs counter the daily body pains; we got other super alternatives to this herb. In fact, in the wake of the world, the people highly prefer herbal medicinal to the pharmaceutical drugs. These drugs are greatly valued for their instant and effectual pain relief. You just got to take a tour through this article, and you will fully learn how you can get through the pain using the natural means

Ever tried Kratom?

Kratom is magnificent in making the body nerves less sensitive to pain hence very useful for pain relief. This efficiency in pain relief results from the fact that drug has significant opiate character. Chemically, the plant does contain the alkaloids such as mitragynine, mitraphylline, and hydroxy mitragynine. These alkaloids have the ability to opiate (sedate and stimulate) hence responsible for adequate pain relief. This Kratom can be used as Kratom tea, capsules or powder that is highly available in the bazaar.

Capsaicin from hot chili peppers

This is another superlative pain reliever that has a tropical origin and is highly recommended for pain relief from arthritis, shingles, and neuron therapy. According to highly qualified and experienced medical practitioners, this drug is known to by fact remove substance p that is medically known to transporting pain from all body parts to the central nervous system. You got to give it a try.


This is yet another natural herb that’s believed for anti-inflammatory roles in the body. Its chemical components have been proving to relieve pain from arthritis, psoriasis, muscle pain, and joint pain among other body inflammatory. This natural herb can be tried as infla thera or zyflamend that can both be ordered for from particular pharmaceutical producers.


This highly rich in calcium and magnesium herb is mostly recommended for pain in joints and muscles. Not only does this red seawater herb plays the pain relieving role but does strengthen the bones. It’s a natural medically tested herb that you shouldn’t miss on whenever you are in pain.


This a worth trying herb since for decades, it’s been medically used to counter the pain from head stomach and tooth and in the latest era it’s now used for joint pain from rheumatoid arthritis and migraines.

Devils claw

This South African originated natural herb is now on trial for pain relief from backaches and joint. It’s caught the attention of many medical researchers together with medical practitioners on how magnificent it works. The research is going on the same, and the truth shall be laid out as soon as it’s done but still you can try it out.

Qigong master

This herb of the Chinese origin is believed to have worked effectively with the women suffering from severe fibromyalgia. The same has been tried out with other body pain and, fortunately, the result has been effective. It’s a drug that the Chinese medical practitioners got a lot to tell about its positive effects. You can go and try it out.

However, it’s important that you make consultative and informative use of these natural herbs together with your medical adviser so that you don’t become the victim of the obvious medical mistakes that many patients do commit over the centuries. These includes wrong prescription, overdose, and underdose. But the bottom line is natural herbs are the preeminent remedies.

The above article has been published by Patrick Mathus. He is working as Web Developer at Lasa Laboratory Pvt Ltd India