Oral Cosmetic Surgery Trends

Oral cosmetic surgery focuses on changing the appearance of your mouth and surrounding facial features. In the past several years dentists have grown much more proficient in oral cosmetic procedures. As a result, several new trends have surfaced in oral dentistry – cosmetic procedures that may well help you deal with a dental issue or address a concern that has irked you for years. These new trends include:

More Equality

Traditionally, oral cosmetic surgery has been of more interest to women than men. However, recent trends show that interest is starting to equalize, especially for the more minor procedures. Men are more concerned with their appearances than ever before, and focus on details like smiles and teeth. As a result, it is becoming commonplace for men to go in for tooth whitening procedures, or even for more complex treatments like veneers (although bleaching does seem to be a more popular alternative for guys).

New Smiles

Speaking of bleaching, veneers and other options like these, cosmetic dentistry is becoming a more holistic branch of medicine. No, this doesn’t mean getting in touch with your spiritual side – it means approach cosmetic dentistry as a goal-oriented system of meeting patient expectations. This has led to the rise of terms like “smile makeover” as dentists go over the details of dental appearance, what patients want to change or improve, and what the options are. The result are more informed consumers with access to a wide number of treatment options, including gum sculpting and implants, to give them exactly the type of smile they want.

Complete Veneers

We’ve mentioned veneers a couple of times by this point. These are composite and porcelain coverings that are bonded to the surface of the tooth. Veneers are growing into a more common solution for a number of tooth problems, especially discolored or stained teeth that do not respond well to bleaching, or chips and cracks in teeth. Veneers can also help diminish the appearance of cracks. With such versatility, it’s no wonder that veneers have grown so popular.


Onlays, along with inlays, are more advanced types of fillings that are gaining popularity for their usefulness in the cosmetic dentistry world. Onlays use composite materials to cover up structural damage to teeth. You can think of them as a more advanced type of veneer that is professionally created and carefully bonded in place. Inlays, meanwhile, are more like traditional fillings but still have similar characteristics.

Chin Work

Cosmetic dentistry is moving south – to the chin. It turns out that cosmetic chin surgery can play a big role in how a smile looks, so chin options are becoming an increasingly common option in cosmetic dentistry circles. While there’s overlap in appearance, you may be referred to a different plastic surgeon for chin surgery – but the overall vision is shared.


Cosmetic dentists have grown more skilled at reconstruction (following an accident and so forth) thanks to better understanding of how muscles, bones, teeth and other tissue all work together to affect your mouth and smile. More reliable materials are also available to help reconstruct a beautiful smile.