Pain Clinics Can Help With Amputation Pain

The city of San Antonio, Texas is home to the Alamo, which is a mission that was the center point of an historic battle for the independence of Texas. For those who travel to San Antonio to see the Alamo, they also find out some very interesting facts about this famous city. San Antonio is the seventh largest cities in Texas and is also the third fastest growing city in the United States. However, San Antonio is also the home of a pain clinic that offers many services including helping people who have lost a limb due to amputation.

Ways to Treat Post-Amputation Pain

There are many reasons why people end up having to go through the loss of a limb. The two most common reasons why people have to have a body part amputated is because of a medical condition such as diabetes, or the result of an accident. Once the limb has been removed, there is a period of adjustment for that person, which may include a visit to a pain clinic because there is going to be some residual pain that has to be dealt with and treated. Here are some ways that post amputation pain can be treated:

• Anti-depressant Medications: The first step used to treat post-amputation pain is to use drugs. Amputation pain is caused by the fact that the nerves have been severed due to the lost limb, but the brain still tries to act like that the body is intact. The most popular medications to use for the loss of a limb isanti-depressants. These special meds are used for amputation pain because they work on the brain, and in this case, they deal with the pain messages sent to the brain.

• Spinal Cord Stimulation: Another method that a pain clinic can try is called spinal cord stimulation. With this treatment for amputation pain, electrodes are placed along the spine. A small amount of electrical current is passed from those electrodes into the nerves along the spinal column, and patients have reported less pain or the pain completely gone.

• Acupuncture: Acupuncture is the insertion of tiny needles into the pressure points of the body. For those that have had a limb amputated, acupuncture needles inserted around the brain, and central nervous system, can help relieve the pain caused from a removed limb.

• Mirror Box Therapy: This rather unconventional treatment involves a mirror box in which the amputated limb is inserted. While doing exercises, patients see their intact limb moving around, and it makes the brain think that the limb still exists, which can help relieve pain.

San Antonio gets millions of visitors every year, and many people go to see the famous River Walk and the Alamo. However, this large Texas City is also the home of a pain clinic that specializes in pain including the pain from an amputated limb. There are many treatment methods to treat the nerve pain associated with a loss limb, and it may take more than one kind of treatment method before patients find just the right one to relieve their pain.