Pain Management Clinic Information

A typical pain management clinic in Seattle receives over one thousand patients each and every month. These patients are often referred by their medical care provider, after they have been diagnosed with various medical problems and one of the most upsetting symptoms is pain. Whether that pain is acute or chronic, the specialists working for the pain management clinic in Seattle provide a wide range of services to their patients, including acupuncture, spinal cord stimulation and energy medicine.

New treatment options have been presented in the past few years to patients suffering from chronic pain. These treatment options wouldn’t have existed without the hard work and dedication of specialists working for pain management clinics in the area of Seattle. Among the newest clinical trials in Seattle that are made on the subject of chronic pain, there are several interesting ones to present. For those suffering from fibromyalgia associated with chronic pain and depression, a clinical trial was made in which the main course of treatment was trans-cranial magnetic stimulation. The group study was composed of women and it showed promising results.

Another clinical trial was organized by a pain management clinic in order to discover the best approach for chronic pelvic pain in patients diagnosed with cystitis or chronic inflammation of the prostate. Other studies have shown that virtual reality hypnosis can be used in order to reduce chronic pain, which is also a promising course of treatment. However, as you can see, it is because there are so many people suffering from chronic pain that specialists have started to consider new courses of treatment. The usage of opioid medication can lead to addiction and there are many patients who enter a stage where the medication does not work anymore. In such situations, it is only natural that a professional Seattle pain management clinic should be able to offer alternatives.

A recent study made at a national level has shown that pain has turned into a significant public health problem, costing important sums of money. This also valid for the Seattle area, as the research has shown that pain costs over $2000 per year for each citizen. This is not little, especially if we stop for a moment and consider that a chronic pain patient will not be able to work and any day of work lost is also a day paid in medical leave. This is one of the reasons why Seattle pain management clinics have started to provide new and efficient treatments for chronic pain. Plus, they also have counselors and occupational therapists people with such problems can turn to.

The most common types of pain described by patients from Seattle were included in a study; this study has shown that low back pain is the most common, followed by head and neck pain and then by facial pain. It seems that back pain is also the number one source of disability, as it limits the activity of a person to a very low level. The impact on the quality of life is severe, as these patients can no longer handle activities of daily living, they are permanently troubled by pain and they cannot sleep well. This is the reason why many turn to opioid treatments, which is unfortunately not the best way to go. Thanks to the recent studies, specialists working for pain management clinics have managed to create pain management plans that include not only offering the actual treatment but also counseling the patient on further life choices.

If you are a patient suffering from chronic pain, then perhaps it might not be such a bad idea to visit a pain management clinic in Seattle. Once you become an integrated part of a professional pain management plan, it will not take too long before you start to notice an improvement of the overall quality of life. You will no longer feel depressed, you will be able to concentrate once more on every day activities and, most importantly, you will have great energy levels. Patients who have benefited from such services have declared that it’s great for the pain to not control your life anymore; they were able to sleep through the night, forgetting all about the addiction on opioid medication.

There is one more aspect to consider when visiting a pain management clinic. This is related to you becoming once more an active member of the society. While the vocational counselor might help you with finding something a person in your condition is good at, the occupational therapist will play an even more important part in your life. During the initial stage of the pain management program, the occupational therapist will come to your home and help you arrange it, so that you are 100% independent. For example, he or she will teach how to get out of bed without feeling more pain and then probably recommend replacing your bathtub with a shower.

Never allow yourself to be conquered by the pain. You had the opportunity to read how much doctors and other specialists in Seattle are working to come up with new alternative treatments for acute and especially chronic pain. For them and as it should be for you, pain should never be a disabling condition. It is far better to start looking for a professional pain management clinic in Seattle today and become part of a pain management program that actually works. Once you are evaluated, you will receive a treatment plan that is perfect for your medical problem and return to the center on a regular basis for further evaluation of the progress you have made.

Chronic pain patients suffer a lot, especially when the chronic pain medication does not seem to work anymore. Pain can be one of the most disabling symptoms, preventing a person from working and enjoying any activity. If you find yourself in this situation, then do not waste any more time and start seeking out for a pain management clinic in Seattle that can offer state-of-the-art treatment alternatives today.