Pain Management Clinics – What They Have To Offer

Pain management clinics are medical centers that offer many treatment options to people who suffer from chronic pain. There are a lot of people who have to live with never-ending pain everyday of their lives. This makes it difficult for such people to lead normal lives. The things that most people find easy to do, they actually struggle to do. For instance, taking a bath and doing chores. It is the job of the staff that works at these clinics to provide much needed relief to patients with constant pain.

Because a pain management clinic consists of experts in the field of pain management such as specialist physicians, psychologists and physical therapists, you will usually need to be referred to the clinic by your doctor. It is the responsibility of these experts to diagnose your problem and then offer you effective pain management solutions. There are different types of pain which normally come about as a result of a disorder, trauma or a disease.

The whole point of pain management is to help patients who suffer from acute or chronic pain to manage the pain by minimizing its intensity as well as frequency. Pain management clinics do not only focus on pain issues, they also assist their patience to achieve their goals of functioning relatively well on a daily basis. The team at the clinic will come up with a pain medicine program that not only helps to manage the pain so that you will be able to function properly in life, but also one that minimizes your dependence on pain medicines.

At the pain clinic, different types of pain are dealt with. They can assist people that suffer from acute pain; which is pain that is sharp or severe. They also help those people that suffer from chronic or constant pain; which is constant pain that lasts more than a period of 6 months and can either be mild or severe. Examples of pain that is treated at the pain clinic include facet joint pain, whiplash, vertebral compression fracture and degenerative disc disease just to mention a few.

When you get to the clinic, you will notice that the appointment with a pain management specialist is more or less the same with that of your physician. However, because you will mainly be dealing with a pain management specialist, the pain that you will be experiencing will be the main focus. What the pain medicine physicians do during consultation is that they conduct a physical and neurological examination, as well as look into your medical history.

During consultation, expect to be asked various pertinent questions, including:

a) Do you remember when the pain started and what activity where you involved in when you started experiencing pain?

b) Can you rate your pain on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the worst pain ever?

c) Do you feel the pain spreading to other areas of your body?

Pain management clinics have helped a lot of people who suffer from pain, whether it is acute or chronic pain. If you have pain, do not suffer in silence, simply seek help.